Department Q

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  • Iniziato: Ott 2013
  • Episodi: 5
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  • Sabato alle 21
  • Crime Drama Thriller


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Stagione 1
The Keeper of Lost Causes
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Ott 03, 2013
Carl Morck, a troubled detective, is assigned to the newly created 'Department Q', a basement-bound job filing cold cases. He is allocated an assistant, Assad, and between them they .. show full overview
The Absent One
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Nov 23, 2014
In 1994, two teenage twins are found brutally murdered and a number of clues point to some pupils from a nearby boarding school, but the case is closed as a local outsider pleads guilty .. show full overview
A Conspiracy of Faith
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Mar 03, 2016
When an eight-year-old message in a bottle ends up at Department Q, Carl Morck and his assistant Assad are drawn into a horrific case involving a psychopathic murderer, religious .. show full overview
Journal 64
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Ott 04, 2018
Two workmen make an alarming discovery in an older Copenhagen apartment: hidden behind a false wall are three mummified corpses, sitting around a dining table with one empty seat left. .. show full overview
1x5 Ultimo episodio della stagione
The Marco Effect
Episode overview
Data di messa in onda
Mag 27, 2021
One day Marco discovers a dead man. After learning that Marco may have invaluable information, Commissioner Mørck is determined to find and rescue him.

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