The Legend of Aang: A Story of Aang

  • Κατάταξη #
  • Πρώτη προβολή: Μαρ 2021
  • Επεισόδια: 7
  • Ακόλουθοι: 0
  • Τρέχων
  • Nickelodeon
  • Δευτέρα στο 15
  • Action Animation Children


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Σεζόν 1
The Pilot Episode
Episode overview
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Μαρ 04, 2021
it was set in 1920, where aang is born. Aang, can you here, then aang sent to play his new kiddie ride.
A New Discovery: Aang.
Episode overview
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 21, 2021
Aangs Mutter hoffte, bald Aang geboren zu werden. Dann hasst sie in einem Wald Aangs Freundin Korra. die 10 Jahre nach Aang geboren
Unmissable Party
Episode overview
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 21, 2021
In a desert, aang escaped from a inflatable castle who deflated shortly after aang is here.
All shrunk down
Episode overview
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 22, 2021
everyone turns to babies while aang trying his baby toys that he used to own.espectatly aang's mum is angry "OH NO! AANG IS NO LONGER A BABY"
Aang Learns To Fly
Episode overview
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 23, 2021
A Person Called Lizzie traveled to spain to celebrate San Juan Festival. Then Aang is Grounded for having too young. then the pilot traveled back to desert.
Zoo Discoveries
Episode overview
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 24, 2021
There is a zoo in a desert! says aang and wanna go to zoo. then the wheel is flat. then a car carrier carrys the jeep.
Water Restoration
Episode overview
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Οκτ 15, 2021
A Technican called Phineas who likes to fix. then the water was fixed.

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