Sex and the City

  • Σκορ 7.5
  • : Ιουν 1998
  • Επεισόδια: 94
  • Ακόλουθοι: 3258
  • Κατάταξη #237
  • Τελείωσε
  • HBO
  • Άγνωστο


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To Market, To Market
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 22, 2003
Carrie believes her "stock" has gone up thanks to her hot date with new flame Jack Berger. Meanwhile, Miranda faces her true feelings about Steve, Charlotte is dismayed by Harry's .. show full overview
Great Sexpectations
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιουν 29, 2003
Carrie and Jack's relationship is moving along perfectly. Their first few dates are nearly flawless, and are filled with steamy displays of public affection. Unfortunately, after a night .. show full overview
The Perfect Present
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιούλ 06, 2003
Carrie visits Berger's apartment for the first time and discovers his "ex-file." Meanwhile, Charlotte sacrifices pieces of her past as the day of her official conversion to Judaism .. show full overview
Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιούλ 13, 2003
Carrie brings Berger out for a dinner with the girls, and the conversation flows smoothly, but things come to a screeching halt when Berger gives Miranda some blunt advice about her .. show full overview
Lights, Camera, Relationship!
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιούλ 20, 2003
Carrie's relative success brings out the worst in Berger; Samantha turns on her hype machine to help Jerry; Miranda and Steve spend a surprise evening together.
Hop, Skip, and a Week
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιούλ 27, 2003
Charlotte gets unwanted attention at the synagogue; Samantha's PR machine works a little too well; Miranda feels the pressure of being a lawyer and a single mother.
The Post-it Always Sticks Twice
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 03, 2003
Carrie and the girls are meeting for their usual breakfast when two bombshells are dropped. The good news is that Charlotte and Harry are engaged... but the bad news is that Berger .. show full overview
The Catch
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 10, 2003
An assignment sends Carrie to explore the newest pastime for singles in New York... swinging through the air on the flying trapeze. Try as she might, Carrie just can't allow herself to .. show full overview
A Woman's Right to Shoes
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 17, 2003
Carrie and Stanford attend a baby shower thrown by their friends Kyra and Chuck. Upon arriving, they discover that Kyra's house rules include the removal of all footwear, regardless if .. show full overview
Boy, Interrupted
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Αυγ 24, 2003
Carrie receives a pleasant surprise when her high school boyfriend, Jeremy, calls her up and asks her to meet for dinner. The pair broke up in High School, but their chemistry leads them .. show full overview
The Domino Effect
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Σεπ 07, 2003
Big visits New York for what could be the moneyed mystery man's last chance with Carrie. In the meantime, Miranda pursues a relationship with Dr. Robert; Charlotte visits a Chinese fertility doctor; and freewheeling Samantha balks at holding hands.
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Σεπ 14, 2003
Alexander Petrovsky, an internationally acclaimed artist who sweeps Carrie off her feet show up in her romance life. In the meantime, Miranda and Steve celebrate Brady's first birthday; .. show full overview
Let There Be Light
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιαν 04, 2004
After much consideration, Carrie decides that she will begin sleeping with Petrovsky, but rejects Charlotte's suggestion that an actual relationship between the two could develop. The .. show full overview
The Ick Factor
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιαν 11, 2004
The relationship between Carrie and Petrovsky continues to develop, but one thing continues to nag at Carrie. Petrovsky is given to grand gestures of affection (including poetry reading .. show full overview
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιαν 18, 2004
Carrie deals with her feelings towards having a baby and her new relationship with Aleksandr. In the meantime, Charlotte baby-sits for Brady; Miranda and Steve go on a honeymoon, and .. show full overview
Out of the Frying Pan
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Ιαν 25, 2004
Aleksandr prefers strong coffee and stronger realities. In the meantime, Charlotte runs to escape the pain of not having a child and bumps into a small bundle of joy; Miranda puts her .. show full overview
The Cold War
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Φεβ 01, 2004
Carrie avoids the cold weather with Aleksandr; Charlotte and her new "baby" enjoy the spotlight; Miranda toasts her new home; Samantha circulates a steamy video.
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Φεβ 08, 2004
Carrie considers Aleksandr's question; Charlotte uses her maternal instincts and Miranda admits concerns about Aleksandr.
An American Girl in Paris: Part Une
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Φεβ 15, 2004
Before leaving for Paris, Carrie runs into Big outside of her apartment, but she makes it clear to him that she wants him totally out of her life. Ms. Bradshaw then has one last dinner .. show full overview
6x20 Φινάλε σειράς
An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Φεβ 22, 2004
After Petrovsky leaves Carrie behind for a second time in Paris, she begins to wonder if she's doomed to follow in Juliet's footsteps. Back in New York, Samantha's chemo treatments are .. show full overview

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