Blue Mountain State

  • Σκορ 8.4
  • : Ιαν 2010
  • Επεισόδια: 39
  • Ακόλουθοι: 2650
  • Κατάταξη #291
  • Τελείωσε
  • Spike TV
  • Τετάρτη


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The Captain
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Σεπ 17, 2011
While Alex adjusts to becoming the starting quarterback and team captain, Thad awaits word on his future with the team after his drug related arrest following BMS' loss in last season's championship game.
Dic Pics
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Σεπ 21, 2011
Alex and Thad deal with the ramifications of a pornographic photo that Thad sent from Alex's phone after it makes its way around campus.
Thad's Back
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Σεπ 28, 2011
Thad makes some big changes in his life after he realizes his career is in trouble. Alex acts like Thad to motivate the team. Sammy thinks he's met the perfect girl.
The Peak
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Οκτ 05, 2011
Alex and Sammy feel that they have peaked after Alex played the best game of his career. The rest of the team is trapped at the Goat House because of lock-down precautions after last .. show full overview
Training Day
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Οκτ 12, 2011
Thad offers to help Alex to become a local celebrity. Mary Jo tries to impress Coach Daniel's wife, Debra.
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Οκτ 19, 2011
A campus blackout postpones the football game and Alex to settles a score with a cheerleader from the rival team. The coaches of both teams have a poker game with high stakes.
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Οκτ 26, 2011
Harmon seeks out new rituals to restore his kicking skills; Sammy checks out career opportunities.
Fun Facts
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Νοέ 02, 2011
Thad copes with secrets from the coach's past while Alex makes a new connection with Daniels as he prepares to be inducted into the College Hall of Fame.
The C-Word
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Νοέ 05, 2011
Thad suffers a concussion, which affects his behavior and becomes an issue for Coach Daniels. Sammy re-evaluates a personal pastime.
One Week
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Νοέ 09, 2011
A television camera crew follows the team and coaches, and records the tension between Alex and new offensive coordinator Marcus Gilday. The episode also showcases Daniels' insecurities and Thad's pursuit of an acting career.
Death Penalty
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Νοέ 16, 2011
The team finds out they will be playing for the National Championship.
The Corn Field (1)
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Νοέ 30, 2011
After NCAA violations cost BMS some key players right before the national championship game, Thad builds a field of dreams in a cornfield for the BMS starters to take on the Blackwell starters in an unofficial bowl game.
3x13 Φινάλε σειράς
The Corn Field (2)
Ημερομηνία προβολής
Νοέ 30, 2011
BMS battles Blackwell.

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