The King of Queens

  • Calificación 8.8
  • Estrenada: Sept 1998
  • Episodios: 207
  • Seguidores: 465
  • Ranking #997
  • Finalizado
  • CBS
  • Lunes a las 8


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Temporada 4 Discuss
Walk, Man
Fecha de emisión
Sept 24, 2001
The Heffernans are again thinking about getting pregnant, just four months after Carrie's miscarriage. But there's one problem: Arthur. Now that his last friend from the senior center .. show full overview
Sight Gag
Fecha de emisión
Oct 01, 2001
Doug thinks he has come up with the perfect birthday gift for Carrie: laser eye surgery. That is until Carrie ends up nearly blind from the operation.
Mean Streak
Fecha de emisión
Oct 08, 2001
As Doug is about to break what was once thought of as an unbeatable record, the tension between he and the guys at IPS mounts. For 18 years, Iggy Stenkowski's record of 951 consecutive .. show full overview
Friender Bender
Fecha de emisión
Oct 15, 2001
Doug rear-ends Kelly and Deacon's car and he and Carrie insist that they personally pay for the damage so they can leave the insurance company out of it. But, when the Palmers give them .. show full overview
No Retreat
Fecha de emisión
Oct 22, 2001
Carrie is invited to her company's retreat for the first time and is overcome with excitement. Doug is not so thrilled, however, when he discovers that he must spend the whole weekend .. show full overview
Ticker Treat
Fecha de emisión
Oct 29, 2001
Doug decides to buy a pumpkin to get into the Halloween spirit, but as soon as Arthur sees it, he smashes it and banishes the celebration of Halloween. Doug, frustrated by Arthur .. show full overview
Lyin' Hearted
Fecha de emisión
Nov 05, 2001
As Arthur prepares to undergo heart surgery, he asks Carrie and Doug to bring him his sleep mask. While digging through Arthur's closet for the mask, Carrie finds a box which contains an .. show full overview
Life Sentence
Fecha de emisión
Nov 12, 2001
Now that Arthur is back from the hospital, Carrie thinks that it is a good idea that she and Doug get life insurance. She wants to be sure that Arthur is well taken care of should .. show full overview
Veiled Threat
Fecha de emisión
Nov 19, 2001
While cleaning out the Heffernan freezer, Carrie comes across the top tier of her and Doug's wedding cake, and reflects back to the time when they got married. As she takes a trip down .. show full overview
Oxy Moron
Fecha de emisión
Nov 26, 2001
As Doug and Carrie's plane makes an unexpectedly rough landing, Doug takes the only available oxygen mask for himself and doesn't think twice about Carrie. She is hurt that he would .. show full overview
Depo Man
Fecha de emisión
Dic 10, 2001
Carrie's boss, Pruzan, has his first big case as partner, and Carrie is overwhelmed with work. To complicate matters more, the case involves testimony from a delivery driver and Pruzan .. show full overview
Ovary Action
Fecha de emisión
Dic 17, 2001
Its Christmas time and Doug's parents are coming over. The only problem is that Doug and Carrie are trying to conceive because of Carrie's "fertile time." After trying to not tell his .. show full overview
Food Fight
Fecha de emisión
Ene 07, 2002
Carrie gets jealous when Doug's attention is focused on Spence's new girlfriend, Becky, a professional chef. It's not her looks. It's not her personality, it's her food! Doug can't get .. show full overview
Double Downer
Fecha de emisión
Ene 14, 2002
Carrie has decided that she and Doug don't spend enough time celebrating the good things in their relationship, and plans a night of romance in honor of the anniversary of their first .. show full overview
Dougie Nights
Fecha de emisión
Feb 04, 2002
Now that Deacon and Kelly have separated, Doug makes it his mission to get his friend out of the funk he's been in by taking him out to the clubs. Doug starts to realize he's been .. show full overview
No Orleans
Fecha de emisión
Feb 25, 2002
Doug and Carrie find an old, unopened wedding present – a gravy boat – from Doug's third cousin Ron and his wife Marcia. Little did they know that inside was a check for $1,500 that they .. show full overview
Missing Links
Fecha de emisión
Mar 04, 2002
Doug and Carrie get free tickets to her firm's annual golf outing at a private club. They have four tickets and usually bring Deacon and Kelly, but with their recent separation, things .. show full overview
Hero Worship
Fecha de emisión
Mar 18, 2002
Doug starts to dream more seriously about running his own sandwich shop now that his Uncle Stu has generously offered him a large sum of money to see him realize his dream. However, .. show full overview
Screwed Driver
Fecha de emisión
Mar 25, 2002
Doug's parents visit while Carrie's on a business trip and take over running the house, making Doug feel like a kid again. Also, Arthur tries to strike it rich by inventing a new type of screwdriver called "the Arthur's head."
Lush Life
Fecha de emisión
Abr 08, 2002
When Carrie's new afterwork routine of apple martinis-along with an accompanying much more relaxed attitude-come to an abrupt end, Doug and Arthur join forces to keep her drunk, a course of action Lou doesn't approve of.
Bun Dummy
Fecha de emisión
Abr 29, 2002
As his high school reunion approaches, Doug worries that Carrie's new hairdo will make her look like a librarian, rather than his usually sexy wife. Hoping to show Carrie off in front of .. show full overview
Patrons Ain't
Fecha de emisión
May 06, 2002
Carrie and Doug begin preparing for tax time and realize that their charitable giving leaves a little to be desired. In an effort to get out of feeling guilty and to make amends for what .. show full overview
Eddie Money
Fecha de emisión
May 13, 2002
Against Carrie's commands, Doug takes $100 from the "emergency fund jar" to bet on a boxing match. When he and Deacon win $5,000, Doug realizes he can't let Carrie know he won big or .. show full overview
Two Thirty
Fecha de emisión
May 20, 2002
In the first half-hour, Doug believes that his new dentist --who once had a crush on Carrie--is hurting him on purpose. The second story, which marks the show's 100th episode, focuses .. show full overview
4x25 Final de temporada
Shrink Wrap
Fecha de emisión
May 20, 2002
The fourth season concludes with Arthur visiting a psychiatrist and recalling via flashback a disturbing encounter with his dad that may explain Arthur's abrasive personality.

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