That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

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Temporada 1 Discuss
The Storm Dragon, Veldora
Fecha de emisión
Oct 02, 2018
Mikami Satoru, a businessman, is stabbed by a criminal on the street and killed. When he regains consciousness in the darkness, he finds that he's been reincarnated as a slime! With .. show full overview
Meeting the Goblins
Fecha de emisión
Oct 09, 2018
The slime Mikami and the Storm Dragon Veldora decide to give each other names. Veldora gives the slime Mikami the name "Rimuru," and Rimuru comes up with a family name for both of them: .. show full overview
Battle at the Goblin Village
Fecha de emisión
Oct 16, 2018
After leaving the cave, Rimuru encounters a village of Goblins under attack by a clan of Direwolves. Caught in the heat of the moment, Rimuru agrees to help the Goblins in their battle. .. show full overview
In the Kingdom of the Dwarves
Fecha de emisión
Oct 23, 2018
Rimuru and his companions visit the Dwarven Kingdom, the Armed Nation of Dwargon, in search of some artisans to help the Goblins learn to supply their own food, shelter, and clothing. .. show full overview
Hero King, Gazel Dwargo
Fecha de emisión
Oct 30, 2018
Thanks to Rimuru's skill, Kaijin was able to finish all the longswords and deliver them to the king, so the two of them celebrate by heading to a bar staffed by lots of elf girls. One of .. show full overview
Fecha de emisión
Nov 06, 2018
One day, in the midst of the improvements on the Goblin Village with the help of Kaijin and the dwarves, Rimuru meets a trio of adventurers from the Guild who've been temporarily joined .. show full overview
Conqueror of Flames
Fecha de emisión
Nov 13, 2018
The Demon Lord Leon Cromwell summoned Shizu out of Tokyo as it burned during in the air raids, then forced the high-ranked spirit Ifrit to possess her. After taking over Shizu's body, Ifrit begins to rampage.
Inherited Will
Fecha de emisión
Nov 20, 2018
When Shizu was still with Demon Lord Leon, it was a Hero who rescued her. That Hero was Shizu's inspiration to help as many people as she could for many years. She even worked as a .. show full overview
Attack of the Ogres
Fecha de emisión
Nov 27, 2018
Rimuru and the Goblins' village is developing nicely. The Dwarves are building all kinds of houses and furniture, and the local Goblin Lords have appointed Rigurd as the Goblin King. As .. show full overview
The Orc Lord
Fecha de emisión
Dic 04, 2018
Six Ogres are all that remain of their clan after an attack by an Orc army. They say that the Orcs were traveling with a mysterious majin who wore plate mail and a clown mask. Rimuru .. show full overview
Gabiru is Here!
Fecha de emisión
Dic 11, 2018
Rimuru's village has gained Benimaru and the other five Ogres as its newest allies. Soon after, the Lizardman Gabiru visits the village, having heard rumors about it. Gabiru has been .. show full overview
The Gears Spin Out of Control
Fecha de emisión
Dic 18, 2018
The Orc army, led by the Orc Lord, continues its conquest throughout the Great Forest of Jura. The crisis has spurred Treyni of the Dryads, the caretakers of the forest, to take action. .. show full overview
The Great Clash
Fecha de emisión
Dic 25, 2018
Rimuru and his Goblin riders set out for the marshlands to finalize their alliance with the Lizardmen. On the way, they save a Lizardman who'd been attacked by the Orcs. The victim turns .. show full overview
The One Who Devours All
Fecha de emisión
Ene 08, 2019
The majin Gelmud makes his appearance at last. His true goal was to evolve the Orc Lord into the Orc Disaster, a Demon Lord, and have him reign over the Forest of Jura. Upon learning this, the Orc Lord takes action...
The Jura Forest Alliance
Fecha de emisión
Ene 15, 2019
Post-war arrangements following the battle with the Orcs have begun. At the meeting, Rimuru reveals that he made a promise with the Orc Disaster, Geld, to take all of the Orcs' sins upon himself. When the Ogres and Lizardmen hear this...
Demon Lord Milim Attacks
Fecha de emisión
Ene 22, 2019
The Jura Tempest Federation, with Rimuru as its leader, has formed an alliance with the Armed Nation of Dwargon. Just as Rimuru thinks there are only peaceful days ahead, he senses an .. show full overview
The Gathering
Fecha de emisión
Ene 29, 2019
The Demon Lord Carrion has sent one of his Three Beastketeers, Phobio, on a raid of Rimuru's city. However, Phobio is quickly defeated when Milim meets his attack with her own. Rimuru .. show full overview
Evil Creeps Closer
Fecha de emisión
Feb 05, 2019
Phobio can't restrain his anger toward Milim. He finds himself faced with Footman and Tear, two masked members of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance, who suggest that he become a Demon Lord .. show full overview
Fecha de emisión
Feb 12, 2019
Rimuru and his forces attempt to destroy Charybdis with a full on attack, but fail, so Rimuru decides to take on Charybdis alone and learns the shocking truth!
Yuuki Kagurazaka
Fecha de emisión
Feb 19, 2019
The threat of Charybdis has gone. That night, Rimuru has a dream in which he sees Shizu teaching children at her school in the Kingdom of Ingrassia—a dream showing Shizu's lingering .. show full overview
Shizu-san's Students
Fecha de emisión
Feb 26, 2019
Rimuru becomes the new teacher for Shizu's students. However, having been summoned into this world against their will and facing shortened lifespans as a result, the children's feelings .. show full overview
Conquering the Labyrinth
Fecha de emisión
Mar 05, 2019
Rimuru tries to think of a way to save the children of Freedom Academy who are fated to die. The idea he comes up with is to have superior spirits inhabit each of them, as Shizu had, so .. show full overview
Saved Souls
Fecha de emisión
Mar 12, 2019
In the heart of the labyrinth, Shizu's students pray to summon superior spirits. As Rimuru watches over, an overwhelming presence appears. Will Rimuru finally be able to fulfill his promise to Shizu?
Black and the Mask
Fecha de emisión
Mar 19, 2019
This story takes place before Rimuru's reincarnation. Shizu, also known as the Conqueror of Flames, responds to an urgent request calling her to the Kingdom of Filtwood. When she reaches .. show full overview
1x25 Final de temporada
Veldora’s Journal
Fecha de emisión
Mar 26, 2019
This episode has no summary.

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