Teen Mom: Young Moms Club

  • Estrenada: Abr 2019
  • Episodios: 6
  • Seguidores: 7
  • Finalizado
  • MTV
  • Lunes a las 22
  • Reality


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Temporada 1
On the Fence
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Abr 22, 2019
A group of friends have to decide whether to let old high school, ex-bestie Chandlar back into their lives. Meanwhile, Nikki must deal with her mom pressuring her to get married and Heather bad health adds stress to her baby shower.
Out of Chances
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
Abr 29, 2019
The health problems from Heather's pregnancy force her to make a major life-altering decision. Cheyenne's mom throws her a financial lifeline. Nicole gets even closer to her new BF Michael.
You Choose Him Over Us
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 06, 2019
Heather celebrates the birth of her son, Chandlar is torn between Aaron and her friends, Michael's behavior embarrasses Nicole, and Nikki works on her modeling career.
Fix Me
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 13, 2019
Chandlar is finally ready to cut Aaron out of her life for good; now that Heather is feeling better, she tries to get her business off the ground; Cheyenne is worried she and her husband are at a breaking point.
Forget He Exists
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 20, 2019
After some therapy, Nicole gives one more shot to her boyfriend, Michael. Chandlar misses Aaron even though he abandoned her and moved to Vegas. Cheyenne's mom tells her she has to move out after she is late with rent.
1x6 Final de Programa de TV
Take it Down a Notch
Episode overview
Fecha de emisión
May 20, 2019
In the season finale, Chandlar must choose between her friends or life with Aaron. Nikki makes a decision between her modeling career and having a family with Ryan. Heather is given a huge opportunity to prove she can make it as a working mom.

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