Storage Wars Canada

  • Calificación 8.0
  • Estrenada: Ago 2013
  • Episodios: 65
  • Seguidores: 56
  • Ranking #3356
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Temporada 2 Discuss
Bigger Stronger Meaner Dumber
Fecha de emisión
Ene 08, 2015
The buyers return to Canada’s storage auction scene bigger, stronger, meaner and crazier than ever. Roy hires bodyguards to keep the riff raff away at an auction in Brampton. Bogart .. show full overview
That's Mr. Pecker to You
Fecha de emisión
Ene 15, 2015
Fill-in auctioneer Patrick Pecker returns to call an auction and chaos ensues. Roy’s arch-nemesis, auctioneer Patrick Pecker, calls an auction on Weston Road. While Roy seeks to lift .. show full overview
Who Wants to be a Bazillionaire?
Fecha de emisión
Ene 22, 2015
Ursula’s new employee Tania makes a big impression at an auction in Toronto. Ursula’s new employee Tania is tough, goth, and not afraid to pick a fight at an auction in Toronto. Of .. show full overview
‘Cause That’s What Janitors Do!
Fecha de emisión
Ene 29, 2015
Mike and Armando are janitors by night, buyers by day, and ready to get in on the action at an auction in Emery Village. Part-time janitors Mike and Armando hope to clean up at an .. show full overview
Shirt Happens
Fecha de emisión
Feb 05, 2015
Buying partnerships are put to the test at an auction in Brampton. Buying partnerships are put to the test at an auction in Brampton. Paul moans when Bogart puts him on a diet. .. show full overview
Keep Your Friends Close and The Veterans Closer
Fecha de emisión
Feb 12, 2015
Paul and Bogart vow to take down Rick and Cindy at an auction in Orillia. Paul and Bogart declare storage war on the veterans at an auction in Orillia. But Roy goes against the .. show full overview
Knockout Punch
Fecha de emisión
Feb 19, 2015
Ursula declares war on Roy at an auction in the Old Weston neighbourhood of Toronto. Roy is up to his usual antics at an auction in the Old Weston neighbourhood of Toronto. Only this .. show full overview
Worst Laid Plans
Fecha de emisión
Feb 26, 2015
Paul and Bogart put away all their gimmicks and tricks for an auction in Leaside. Paul and Bogart concoct an entirely new strategy for an auction in Leaside: to have no strategy at .. show full overview
Chini-chilla Bang Bang
Fecha de emisión
Mar 05, 2015
Ursula brings her pet chinchilla Monty to an auction in East Gwillimbury. Ursula hopes her pet chinchilla will bring her luck at an auction in East Gwillimbury, but little Monty has .. show full overview
Roy Marks His Territory
Fecha de emisión
Mar 12, 2015
Roy attends an auction in Thornhill with his dog.
Kennys vs. Kennys
Fecha de emisión
Mar 19, 2015
Bogart's sisters team up with Roy for an auction in Cambridge.
Roy Dirnbeck:The Roy Dirnbeck Story
Fecha de emisión
Mar 26, 2015
Roy records his memoirs during an auction in Mississauga.
Schlock Therapy
Fecha de emisión
Jun 11, 2015
Roy offers free psychological analysis at an auction in Don Mills and the buyers are not amused.
Confessions of a Dangerous Mime
Fecha de emisión
Jun 11, 2015
Roy travels to an auction in Corktown with a mime.
Fecha de emisión
Jun 15, 2015
The buyers head to the tiny hamlet of Utopia; Roy has a pocket full of cash and he's not afraid to bribe; Ursula runs afoul of some fowl.
Three Kennys Are Worse Than None
Fecha de emisión
Jun 15, 2015
Paul and Bogart arrive at an auction in Brampton with a "secret weapon."
Instigator in Training
Fecha de emisión
Jun 16, 2015
Roy shows his nephew what being an instigator is all about at an auction in South Etobicoke.
Goji, Bogie and the Yogi
Fecha de emisión
Jun 16, 2015
Bogart looks to spread the word on the revitalizing powers of goji berry at a Milton auction; Roy seeks to spread peace, joy and distraction.
Exceedingly Loud and Uncomfortably Close
Fecha de emisión
Jun 17, 2015
Roy aims to invade other buyers' personal space at an auction in Mississauga; Rick and Cindy regret their decision to arrive on rollerblades.
Pranking the Monkeys
Fecha de emisión
Jun 17, 2015
Roy makes mischief at an auction in Toronto; Rick and Cindy resort to flashing to grab Don's attention; Ursula vows to take the perfect selfie.
All Aboard the Party Train!
Fecha de emisión
Jun 18, 2015
The epic bachelor party Roy has planned for Bogart is the talk of the auction in the Bridle Path area of Toronto.
Freaks and Greeks
Fecha de emisión
Jun 18, 2015
New buyer Tommy is looking for a big score at an auction in Brampton; Roy brings an intern with him.
Honeymoon Capital of the Storage World
Fecha de emisión
Jun 19, 2015
The buyers attend an auction in Niagara Falls; Rick and Cindy wonder if Cindy will be recognized by anyone in her old hometown; Ursula finds herself in a sticky situation.
Hug Life
Fecha de emisión
Jun 19, 2015
Paul and Bogart attend a Toronto auction with their life coach.
Between a Brawk and a Hard Place
Fecha de emisión
Jun 22, 2015
Roy trains a parrot to do some trash-talking for him at an auction in Etobicoke.
Two Men and a Fake Baby
Fecha de emisión
Jun 22, 2015
Paul and Bogart must look after a fake baby while attending an auction in Mississauga.
The Birds and the Bees and the Bulls
Fecha de emisión
Jun 23, 2015
The buyers learn valuable life lessons at a Keswick, Ont. auction; Roy learns he missed his true calling.
2x29 Final de Programa de TV
Ursula Goes Banana
Fecha de emisión
Jun 23, 2015
Roy decides Ursula's coat makes her look like a monkey; Paul and Bogart set a terrible father-son example.
Cougar Pants
Fecha de emisión
Jul 02, 2015
The buyers at an auction in downtown Toronto better watch out as Cindy is wearing her cougar pants.

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