• Calificación 9.1
  • Estrenada: Sept 1994
  • Episodios: 236
  • Seguidores: 13.0k
  • Ranking #54
  • Finalizado
  • NBC
  • Jueves a las 8


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Temporada 8 Discuss
The One After I Do
Fecha de emisión
Sept 27, 2001
The excitement of Monica and Chandler's wedding is diminished by the news that someone may be pregnant. Chandler's hopes of not embarrassing Monica on the dance floor are ruined by his .. show full overview
The One With The Red Sweater
Fecha de emisión
Oct 04, 2001
Speculation regarding the father of Rachel's baby leads to a misunderstanding when Joey discovers a red sweater left behind in a one-night stand Rachel had. Meanwhile, Chandler and Ross .. show full overview
The One Where Rachel Tells Ross
Fecha de emisión
Oct 11, 2001
Chandler and Monica prepare to leave for their honeymoon as Rachel prepares to tell Ross that he's the father of her baby. Joey and Phoebe scheme to get inside the newlyweds' apartment .. show full overview
The One With The Videotape
Fecha de emisión
Oct 18, 2001
Monica and Chandler return from their honeymoon with stories of a couple that they met on the flight back, but soon discover that the couple gave them a wrong number. Ross and Rachel .. show full overview
The One with Rachel's Date
Fecha de emisión
Oct 25, 2001
Phoebe begins dating a guy who works for Monica, while Joey sets Rachel up on a date with one of his co-stars.
The One With The Halloween Party
Fecha de emisión
Nov 01, 2001
Monica and Chandler decide to throw a costumed Halloween party. Phoebe runs into Ursula, who's getting married next week, and invites her and her fiancé to the party.
The One With The Stain
Fecha de emisión
Nov 08, 2001
Chandler hires a maid, whom Monica suspects is stealing her clothing. Eric has broken up with Ursula and is ready to date Phoebe, except for one problem: he can't look at her without .. show full overview
The One With The Stripper
Fecha de emisión
Nov 15, 2001
Rachel prepares to have dinner with her dad and tell him that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, an unknowing Chandler discovers that Monica had a stripper at her bachelorette party, causing her to try to make it up, by getting him a stripper.
The One With The Rumor
Fecha de emisión
Nov 22, 2001
Monica invites an old friend from high school over for Thanksgiving dinner, unaware that Will started a "We Hate Rachel" club with Ross. Meanwhile, Joey vows to eat an entire turkey by .. show full overview
The One With Monica's Boots
Fecha de emisión
Dic 06, 2001
Chandler is peeved when Monica splurges on an expensive pair of boots. Phoebe learns Ross' and Sting's children attend the same school, she angles to meet the celebrity and get concert .. show full overview
The One With The Creepy Holiday Card (a.k.a. The One With Ross's Step Forward)
Fecha de emisión
Dic 13, 2001
Ross starts to panic when Mona gets an idea to send out a holiday card for the two of them, thinking that their relationship is starting to move too fast. Chandler's newly divorced boss .. show full overview
The One Where Joey Dates Rachel
Fecha de emisión
Ene 10, 2002
Phoebe gets Monica and Chandler a Ms. Pacman arcade game for a wedding present, which leads to some heavy competition between Monica, Phoebe, and, surprisingly, Chandler. Ross gets to .. show full overview
The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath
Fecha de emisión
Ene 17, 2002
Monica turns Chandler on to the concept of a bath to relax, complete with scented oils and candles. Ross and Rachel toss baby names back and forth while deciding whether to learn the .. show full overview
The One with the Secret Closet
Fecha de emisión
Ene 31, 2002
Chandler realizes he's never seen what's in the closet by the bathroom and tries to break in.
The One With The Birthing Video
Fecha de emisión
Feb 07, 2002
Phoebe tries to cheer up a depressed Joey by lending him the world's happiest dog. Ross has yet to tell Mona that Rachel's living with him. Monica and Chandler's romantic Valentine's .. show full overview
The One Where Joey Tells Rachel
Fecha de emisión
Feb 28, 2002
Ross has trouble understanding Joey's revelation, as does Gunther. However, he comes to his senses and convinces Joey to tell Rachel how he feels. Joey takes her out to dinner and .. show full overview
The One With The Tea Leaves
Fecha de emisión
Mar 07, 2002
Joey has been hiding from Rachel, so she invents a problem at work ("My boss wants to buy my baby!") to draw him into conversation. Phoebe's tea leaves tell her that she's going to meet .. show full overview
The One In Massapequa (a.k.a. The One With The Zesty Guy)
Fecha de emisión
Mar 28, 2002
Everybody prepares to go out to Long Island for the elder Gellers' 35th wedding anniversary party. Monica wants to write a toast to make everybody cry like Ross's toasts do. Ross and .. show full overview
The One With Joey's Interview
Fecha de emisión
Abr 04, 2002
Joey prepares for an interview with Soap Opera Digest, although he's afraid of appearing stupid, so he enlists his friends to make sure things go well. During the interview, he .. show full overview
The One With The Baby Shower
Fecha de emisión
Abr 25, 2002
Rachel panics when she realizes that she is not ready to take care of her baby, and reluctantly agrees for her mother to move in with her and Ross to help out. Monica tries desperately .. show full overview
The One With The Cooking Class
Fecha de emisión
May 02, 2002
Monica's restaurant gets a bad review in the Post. After confronting the critic who wrote it, she decides to join a cooking class, with Joey in tow. Ross goes on a date with a clerk .. show full overview
The One Where Rachel Is Late
Fecha de emisión
May 09, 2002
With the release of Joey's movie approaching, he must decide which friend to invite to the premiere. Unfortunately, his pick, Chandler, falls asleep during it. Monica and Phoebe bet on .. show full overview
The One Where Rachel Has A Baby (1)
Fecha de emisión
May 16, 2002
Rachel and Ross arrive at the hospital; she's upset to get a semi-private room. Monica and Chandler decide to have a baby and right away. Mrs. Geller turns up to give Ross her mother's .. show full overview
8x24 Final de temporada
The One Where Rachel Has A Baby (2)
Fecha de emisión
May 16, 2002
Drake reports to Phoebe. Chandler and Monica look for a room in the hospital to use for a tryst. After 21 hours of labor, Rachel's ready to have the baby. Joey blows it for Phoebe but .. show full overview

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