Downton Abbey

  • Calificación 8.9
  • Estrenada: Sept 2010
  • Episodios: 52
  • Seguidores: 9027
  • Ranking #83
  • Finalizado
  • ITV
  • Domingo a las 9


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Temporada 4 Discuss
Episode 1
Fecha de emisión
Sept 22, 2013
Mary is finding it hard to come to terms with Matthew's death. Robert and Violet fall out over how to handle the situation. Jimmy takes an interest in Ivy, while Carson receives an unwelcome reminder from his past.
Episode 2
Fecha de emisión
Sept 29, 2013
Mary starts to get over the grief she is feeling, and takes an interest in the running of the estate. Lady Rose MacClare, Lady Flintshire's daughter, ends up in a predicament at a tea .. show full overview
Episode 3
Fecha de emisión
Oct 06, 2013
An extravagant house party at the Abbey gives the Crawleys a chance to reconnect with old friends. But some guests prove more welcome than others, and along with the celebrations come skulduggery and heartache.
Episode 4
Fecha de emisión
Oct 13, 2013
Amid the fallout from the eventful house party, Mary faces a pressing question about her future. Carson reveals surprisingly intimate details of his former life, and a trip to the bright .. show full overview
Episode 5
Fecha de emisión
Oct 20, 2013
Change is in the air as an exciting opportunity for Alfred creates tension between Ivy and Daisy. Isobel appeals to Violet's charitable nature, but it does not come without a fight, and Branson considers a new future for himself and baby Sybbie.
Episode 6
Fecha de emisión
Oct 27, 2013
A birthday party is planned for Robert, but Rose's surprise contribution to the event ruffles feathers above and below stairs. A new farming venture on the Downton estate comes with .. show full overview
Episode 7
Fecha de emisión
Nov 03, 2013
Cora's playboy brother has got himself into a spot of bother and Robert has to make a trip to America to bail him out. Blake and Mary are forced to put aside their differences to deal .. show full overview
Episode 8
Fecha de emisión
Nov 10, 2013
Rosamund comes up with a plan to help Edith deal with her problem, but Violet may be about to see right through it. Isobel is the object of someone's attention, while Mary asks .. show full overview
4x9 Final de temporada
The London Season
Fecha de emisión
Dic 25, 2013
It is summer and debutante Rose is to be presented at Buckingham Palace. The family are at Grantham House, their London home, preparing for the busy social programme. Never one to miss .. show full overview

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