WKRP in Cincinnati

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  • Premiered: Sep 1978
  • Episodes: 90
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Season 4
An Explosive Affair (Part 1)
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 07, 1981
After the station receives a bomb threat, Andy sends Johnny and Venus to broadcast from the transmitter tower while the station is being searched.
An Explosive Affair (Part 2)
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 14, 1981
Andy is unable to warn Johnny and Venus when he realizes that the bomb is at the transmitter.
The Union
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 21, 1981
The staff of WKRP considers joining a union. Mr. Carlson is furious and rushes to his mother for advice, while Andy tries to appear neutral in this labor-management conflict.
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 28, 1981
While his apartment is being fumigated, Johnny accepts Bailey's offer to stay at her place, causing everyone at the station to think that the two are sleeping together. Johnny's also .. show full overview
Straight from the Heart
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 04, 1981
Herb tells everyone that he's going on vacation, but Les and Jennifer discover that he's actually checked into the hospital for heart tests.
Who's on First?
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 11, 1981
With Herb in the hospital, Mr. Carlson pretends he is Herb and is impersonated by Les for an advertising client.
Three Days of the Condo
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 18, 1981
When Johnny receives $24,000 in a legal settlement, Venus convinces him to use the money to invest in a condominium at Gone With the Wind Estates.
Jennifer and the Will
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 25, 1981
Colonel Buchanan, Jennifer's elderly gentleman friend, dies suddenly. As executrix of his will, Jennifer must deal with the press and with the Colonel's money-grubbing, rumor mongering relatives.
The Consultant
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 30, 1981
Mama Carlson hires a professional radio consultant to evaluate WKRP. The man she's hired, Norris Breeze, is an old friend of Andy's who also runs a radio programming service. Andy soon .. show full overview
Love, Exciting and New
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 06, 1982
Andy starts taking Mama Carlson out after hours in the hopes of getting her to pay for a new transmitter for the station. But he begins to suspect that she might have more-than-businesslike expectations of him.
You Can't Go Out of Town Again
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 13, 1982
Mr. Carlson goes with Carmen to a college reunion where he learns the disillusioning truth about how he and Carmen first met; Bailey is frustrated in her attempts to get a computer for .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 20, 1982
Herb sells ad spots to a seller of "diet pills"; after it turns out that the pills are a legalized way of selling speed to teenagers, it also turns out that the station can't legally get out of running the ads.
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 27, 1982
When Venus learns that he's going to be interviewed by a militant black magazine, he adopts a new wardrobe and manner in order to seem more in touch with black culture. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Jennifer and Johnny's Charity
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 03, 1982
When a fire destroys the kitchen at the Vine Street Mission, Johnny recruits Jennifer to help raise the $40,000 dollars to rebuild it. Jennifer throws a party for her rich friends and .. show full overview
I'll Take Romance
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 17, 1982
Herb fixes Les up with a date through his latest client, the I'll Take Romance Dating Service. Les hits it off with his date immediately, not knowing that the dating service is a front for prostitution.
Circumstantial Evidence
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 24, 1982
Venus's latest date gives him an expensive diamond earring as a gift and then runs out on him; it turns out that she's a thief who has used the stolen earring to frame Venus as her accomplice.
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 17, 1982
Herb and Jennifer are trapped in an elevator when a fire breaks out in the Flimm Building.
Dear Liar
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 24, 1982
When Bailey writes a news story on the Northside Children's Clinic, Les steals it and reads it on the air. This turns out to be a blow to the station's integrity in more ways than one when Bailey admits that she fictionalized part of the story.
The Creation of Venus
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 31, 1982
When Venus lets it slip that he was a schoolteacher before he came to WKRP, Andy has to tell Mama Carlson the truth about how he hired Gordon Sims as a DJ and how they came up with the persona of Venus Flytrap.
The Impossible Dream
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 07, 1982
On his birthday, Les announces that he's going to New York to pursue his dream of becoming a world-famous broadcast journalist by auditioning for The CBS Evening News.
To Err is Human
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 14, 1982
After Herb screws up an important advertising account, Mr. Carlson finally intends to fire him, but Jennifer takes pity on Herb and tries to help him keep his job.
4x22 Show finale
Up and Down the Dial
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 21, 1982
Just as WKRP hits #6 in the ratings, Mama Carlson announces that she plans to switch the format of the station to 24 hours a day of news.

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