Torn from the Headlines: New York Post Reports

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  • Premiered: Mar 2020
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  • Investigation Discovery
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Season 1 Discuss
Last Call at the Falls
Air date
Mar 16, 2020
When the body of a beautiful young woman is found wrapped in a blanket on the side of a East New York parkway, investigators find themselves in a race against the clock to find her killer before he strikes again.
The Tuxedo King
Air date
Mar 23, 2020
The Black Cat Organization demands $3 million for the safe return of a NYC tuxedo manufacturer.
Baby Hope
Air date
Mar 30, 2020
A grisly discovery in a picnic cooler on a highway in upper Manhattan leads detectives down a twisting trail of clues as they try to solve one of the longest-running mysteries in the New York Post's history, and hunt down a deranged child killer.
Slumlord Millionaire
Air date
Apr 06, 2020
A crime caught on tape shows Hasidic landlord Menachem Stark in the fight for his life, and when his body is found the next day the NYPD starts on the hunt for his killers -- leading them to secrets about the beloved Brooklyn landlord.
Million Dollar Murder
Air date
Apr 13, 2020
Businessman George Kogan is gunned down in broad daylight on a ritzy Upper East Side sidewalk; investigators untangle a web of lies to figure out who wanted the millionaire dead, and how far they were willing to go to make it happen.
CSI Slay
Air date
Apr 20, 2020
When a young CSI tech is found brutally murdered in her bedroom, her colleagues at the NYPD crime lab are left to solve her murder. But the deeper they dig, the stranger her murder .. show full overview

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