The Scooby-Doo Show

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  • Premiered: Sep 1976
  • Episodes: 40
  • Followers: 26
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  • Ended
  • ABC (US)
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Season 3 Discuss
Watch Out! The Willawaw!
Air date
Sep 09, 1978
The Gang is waiting for Velma's Uncle to meet them but they get worried when he doesn't show up so they head back to his cabin they see something monstrous flying in the sky they learn .. show full overview
A Creepy Tangle in the Bermuda Triangle
Air date
Sep 16, 1978
While out on an ocean sailing trip, the gang run into a hurricane and end up stranded on a deserted island--which appears to be home base for a UFO that captures Hurricane Hunter aircraft!
A Scary Night with a Snow Beast Fright
Air date
Sep 23, 1978
The gang goes to visit their pal, Professor Krueger up in the North Pole, and he's disappeared before they get there. Turns out Jurassic Park is in full operation up in Santa Land as a .. show full overview
To Switch a Witch
Air date
Sep 30, 1978
In 1778 a witch was burned at the stake in Salem. Now, 200 years later on Halloween, she has risen from her ashes to seek her revenge!
The Tar Monster
Air date
Oct 07, 1978
The gang decides to visit their pal, Professor Brikston in the lost city of Byzantius, Turkey. The city is soooo 'lost' that the only residence are the Professor, his helpers and of course, the TAR MONSTER!!!!
A Highland Fling with a Monstrous Thing
Air date
Oct 14, 1978
The gang heads to Scotland to help Velma's friend Aggie MacDuff, who's ancestral castle home, which she's turned into a tourist attraction, is being haunted by the ghost of her great .. show full overview
The Creepy Case of Old Iron Face
Air date
Oct 21, 1978
Yowza, old Ironface is sooooo mean, he waterskis on torpedo-like sharks. And he's so tough, that he had an iron mask welded to his bare skin and lived to scare about it.
Jeepers, It's the Jaguaro!
Air date
Oct 28, 1978
The gang, along with their plane, crashes in the Jaguaro jungle in Rio De Janerio. The Jaguaro is a saber-tooth and half ape hybrid, which does not make a very friendly critter. It also .. show full overview
Make a Beeline Away from That Feline
Air date
Nov 04, 1978
Daphne's Aunt wins hands down for strangeness. Turns out her Aunt likes to morph into a cat creature and rob jewlery stores in her sleep. Talk about crazy.
The Creepy Creature of Vulture's Claw
Air date
Nov 11, 1978
Velma sure knows a lot of professors. Turns out her buddy, Professor Greer, is being stalked by a humanoid mantis, and man is this bad bug a creep.
The Diabolical Disc Demon
Air date
Nov 18, 1978
At first glance, it would appear that Gene Simmons of Kiss fame is the Diabolical Disc Demon. But it isn't! The Demon is real and it has decided to haunt Jimmy Lewis, a rock 'n' roll star.
Scooby's Chinese Fortune Kooky Caper
Air date
Nov 25, 1978
In China, the gang runs into the Moon Monster. Legend has it that if you run into his shadow, you will get turned into stone.
A Menace in Venice
Air date
Dec 02, 1978
The gang goes to visit their friend Antonio in Venice, Italy, and find that he's haunted by the ghost of an ancestor, the Ghostly Gondoleer, who seeks to steal the ancient necklace/family heirloom Antonio wears!
Don't Go Near the Fortress of Fear
Air date
Dec 09, 1978
The gang is in Puerto Rico, the ghost is the comander of the ancient El Moro fortress named Juan Diego.
The Warlock of Wimbledon
Air date
Dec 16, 1978
While touring England, the gang comes upon tennis star Jimmy Pelton, who's been cursed by the Warlock Anthos and told if he plays at Wimbledon, he's doomed!
3x16 Show finale
The Beast is Awake at Bottomless Lake
Air date
Dec 23, 1978
On a fishing trip, the gang ends up in Canada at the newly deserted village of Bottomless Lake. Turns out the beast has scared everyone away, which only leaves Scooby, and the gang, to fritter away.

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