The Fugitive

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  • Premiered: Sep 1963
  • Episodes: 120
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Season 4 Discuss
The Last Oasis
Air date
Sep 13, 1966
Injuring after being shot during a police chase, Kimble seeks refuge at an orphange near a Navajo Indian reservation in Puma County, Arizona. Annie Johnson, the head teacher (and herself .. show full overview
Death Is the Door Prize
Air date
Sep 20, 1966
Kimble visits an enclosed plaza in the heart of the city. Due to a misunderstanding, on-site security mistakes him for someone else and gives chase. Thinking they are on to him, Richard .. show full overview
A Clean and Quiet Town
Air date
Sep 27, 1966
Kimble makes the mistake of going to Clark City, a corrupt gambling town. Fred Johnson (the one-armed man) is there as well, and has two corrupt cops beat up Kimble. When Richard .. show full overview
The Sharp Edge of Chivalry
Air date
Oct 04, 1966
Kimble, working as an apartment janitor in a nameless big city, becomes implicated in a murder when Roger Roland, a neighbor whom lives across the street, is a troubled young man and a .. show full overview
Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver
Air date
Oct 11, 1966
Kimble finds work on Jake Lawrence's farm, where he develops a special friendship with Jake's autistic daughter, Cathy. But Kimble soon becomes nervous when the local sheriff, Mel .. show full overview
Joshua's Kingdom
Air date
Oct 18, 1966
While working as a veterinarian assistant in a rural town in Utah, Kimble becomes aquainted with Ruth Simmons, an unwed teenage mother whom has a sickly infant. But her father, Joshua, .. show full overview
Second Sight
Air date
Oct 25, 1966
While working in a film supply store as a photo developer, Kimble spots Fred Johnson, the one-armed man, in a photo. After tracking down the freelance photographer, Howie Keever, whom .. show full overview
Wine Is a Traitor
Air date
Nov 01, 1966
Carl Crandall is the wealthy and spoiled son of winery owner Pete Crandall. Carl stops a labor strike at the winery by killing the union leader and framing Morales, another worker, for .. show full overview
Approach with Care
Air date
Nov 15, 1966
Kimble meets Willie Turner, a mentaly retarded young man who is accused of hurting a child. Kimble reluctantly hides Willie at a carnival where Kimble now works. Kimble tries to persuade .. show full overview
Nobody Loses All the Time
Air date
Nov 22, 1966
After Kimble spots Fred Johnson at the scene of a fire, he gives chase-but stops to help a woman who has been hit by a vehicle. After Kimble helps her get to a hospital, he discovers .. show full overview
Right in the Middle of the Season
Air date
Nov 29, 1966
While working as a fishing crewman, Kimble becomes embroiled in a union strike which is orgainzed by Joe Donovan, the son of Kimble's employer, grizzled fisherman Tony Donovan. During a .. show full overview
The Devil's Disciples
Air date
Dec 06, 1966
While fleeing from a sheriff's dragnet, Kimble is rescued by a dangerous motorcycle gang called 'the Devil's Disciples, led by the brutal Hutch. As payback, Hutch and his gang want .. show full overview
The Blessings of Liberty
Air date
Dec 20, 1966
Kimble finds work at an upholstery store where the police are staking out the place in their search for an escaped killer, named Bowen. Kimble becomes aquainted with one worker, a .. show full overview
The Evil Men Do
Air date
Dec 27, 1966
After Kimble saves his boss' life, the man (a former mobster), is determined to repay the debt to Kimble by killing Gerard. After he learns that Gerard has discovered Kimble's .. show full overview
Run the Man Down
Air date
Jan 03, 1967
While hopping a freight train, Kimble meets a wounded criminal who demands to take him to a rendezvous point in the hills of Southern California. Kimble reluctantly does which is an .. show full overview
The Other Side of the Coin
Air date
Jan 10, 1967
While working as a clerk in a small grocery store in Ocean Grove, California, Kimble becomes embroiled in a conflict between his co-worker Larry Corby and his father Ben, who's the town .. show full overview
The One That Got Away
Air date
Jan 17, 1967
Ralph Schuyler is a government agent who goes undercover as a boat captain to spy on Felice Greer, the wife of an international embezzler hiding out in Mexico and she's presumably coming .. show full overview
Concrete Evidence
Air date
Jan 24, 1967
Kimble finds work as a construction worker in Nebraska where he is recongized by building contract; the unscrupulous Alex ""Pat"" Patton, who once built a theater in his home town. But a .. show full overview
The Breaking of the Habit
Air date
Jan 31, 1967
After fleeing a police roadblock where he gets shot in the leg, Kimble hops on a truck headed toward Sacramento where he meets Sister Veronica (the nun whom he drove from Nevada to .. show full overview
There Goes the Ball Game
Air date
Feb 07, 1967
While attending a minor league baseball game, Kimble unwittingly witnesses a man walk away with a woman whom is later revealed to be the daughter of newspaper publisher Andy Newark. .. show full overview
The Ivy Maze
Air date
Feb 21, 1967
Fritz Simmons is a college professor doing research on sleep depervation. One of his patients is the one-armed man Fred Johnson, whom works as a groundskeeper at Wellington College. When .. show full overview
Goodbye My Love
Air date
Feb 28, 1967
Kimble becomes romantically involved with former recording star Gail Martin, unaware that she know his secret, and the $10,000 reward for his capture. Gail and her other lover, Alan .. show full overview
Passage to Helena
Air date
Mar 07, 1967
After being arrested in a small Montana town for a minor loitering charge, Kimble is put in jail next to a suspect in a race-related killing. A determined black deputy becomes determined .. show full overview
The Savage Street
Air date
Mar 14, 1967
Kimble is working at a cigar-making store owned by Jose Anza, and becomes close friends with his son Jimmy. Jimmy is caught between the expectations of his demanding father who wants him .. show full overview
Death Of a Very Small Killer
Air date
Mar 21, 1967
Fleeing to Mexico, Kimble somehow contracts pnenmonia and seeks refuge at a local hospital where he is recognized by Dr. Howell, an ambitious American doctor whom is conducting reseach .. show full overview
Dossier on a Diplomat
Air date
Mar 28, 1967
Kimble travels to Washington D.C. to meet with a lawyer, named Frank Hobart, whom wrote a book titled 'Unjustly Convicted' which states that Kimble was convicted without the benefit of a .. show full overview
The Walls of Night
Air date
Apr 04, 1967
Kimble, working as a truck driver out of Portland, Oregon, becomes romantically involved with the radio dispatcher Barbara Wells, unaware that she is a convicted embezzler on loan .. show full overview
The Shattered Silence
Air date
Apr 11, 1967
In the hills of Oregon, a young sculptor, named Andrea, hides Kimble from a local deputy, named Howe. But when the lawman finds him, Kimble retreats deeper into the mountains where he .. show full overview
The Judgment (1)
Air date
Aug 22, 1967
This was the series finale. In the first part, the one-armed man whom Kimble has been pursuing has been arrested for a minor crime. Lt. Gerard tries to use this to lure Kimble out into .. show full overview
4x30 Show finale
The Judgment (2)
Air date
Aug 29, 1967
In the continuation of this story Kimble and Gerard are on a train for his hometown in Indiana. And Kimble then reveals that the person who sent the bail money is his brother-in-law .. show full overview

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