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Season 7 Discuss
Busted Online
Air date
Sep 08, 2008
Guests tell how online profiles have negatively impacted their lives.
Make It or Break It
Air date
Sep 09, 2008
A couple has doubts about their decision to remarry.
The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution
Air date
Sep 10, 2008
Obese guests compete in a weight-loss challenge.
The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution
Air date
Sep 11, 2008
Obese guests continue to compete in a weight-loss challenge.
The N-Word Debate
Air date
Sep 12, 2008
Civil-rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton, comics Paul Mooney and Sheryl Underwood, actor Hill Harper and radio personality Michael Graham debate the use of a racially-charged term.
Money Rescue: Surviving the Crisis
Air date
Sep 15, 2008
Money guru Loral Langemeier provides a 90-day plan to get a struggling family's finances back on track; five biggest money mistakes.
Real Life: Heart Shattered
Air date
Sep 16, 2008
The doctor teaches people to prepare for a crisis before it happens in his new book, "Real Life"; getting through a difficult period; the grieving process.
“Save My Mommy!”
Air date
Sep 17, 2008
An 11-year-old girl pleads with the doctor to help her mom break her addiction to prescription drugs.
Parents Falsely Accused?
Air date
Sep 18, 2008
Women say they were falsely accused of child abuse.
School Controversies
Air date
Sep 19, 2008
The doctor discusses controversial issues that could affect a child's safety at school, including the carrying of concealed weapons and binge drinking on college campuses.
Behind the Headlines
Air date
Sep 22, 2008
Guests discuss the disappearance of 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.
Before You Do
Air date
Sep 23, 2008
Bishop T.D. Jakes, author of "Before You Do," helps guests make decisions they will not regret.
The Locator: Reunion Aftermath
Air date
Sep 24, 2008
Guests discuss their reunions with long-lost family members.
Fireproof Your Marriage
Air date
Sep 25, 2008
Guests with very stressful jobs, such as firefighters and police officers, learn how to have successful marriages; actor Kirk Cameron ("Fireproof").
Fighting the System
Air date
Sep 26, 2008
Learning to fight for one's rights without suing.
Extreme Moms
Air date
Sep 29, 2008
Mothers debate whether it is better to hover over their children or allow them to learn independence.
The Goldmans on O.J.'s Trial
Air date
Sep 30, 2008
Fred Goldman and Kim Goldman Hahn discuss O.J. Simpson's current trial; O.J. Simpson's former friend Mike Gilbert makes a startling confession.
The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution
Air date
Oct 01, 2008
The doctor continues his biggest weight-loss project to date with six teams competing in a race across the country.
Stressed Out to the Max
Air date
Oct 02, 2008
Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of "The Stress Answer," provides overwhelmed guests with tools to relieve stress and get back on track.
“Brainwashed by My Parents”
Air date
Oct 03, 2008
The doctor speaks to parents accused of brainwashing their children against their ex-spouse in order to win custody.
Money Rescue: Extreme $pending
Air date
Oct 06, 2008
A woman accrues $25,000 in credit-card debt; money guru Loral Langemeier helps a couple get to the bottom of their financial mess.
Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson
Air date
Oct 07, 2008
Attorney Lisa Bloom discusses the case of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony; Fred Goldman and Kim Goldman Hahn discuss O.J. Simpson's current trial.
The O.J. Simpson Verdict
Air date
Oct 08, 2008
Guests, including Fred Goldman and Kim Goldman Hahn, discuss the verdict in O.J. Simpson's recent trial.
Financial 911!
Air date
Oct 09, 2008
The doctor and a panel of experts answer questions about finances.
Child Sex Slaves
Air date
Oct 10, 2008
Actress Julia Ormond discusses witnessing human trafficking and slavery and what can be done to stop it; sex slaves; child prostitutes.
You Got Served
Air date
Oct 13, 2008
The doctor counsels a couple on the verge of divorce.
Campus Crisis
Air date
Oct 14, 2008
A woman tells how her daughter committed suicide after she was gang raped at college; a college freshman has two frightening experiences in her first month of college.
The Bridge Controversy - Tragic Choice
Air date
Oct 15, 2008
Filmmaker Eric Steel discusses his documentary that showcases people committing suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge; Dr. Thomas Joyner discusses the personal loss that inspired him to dedicate his work to suicide prevention.
“Who Am I?”
Air date
Oct 16, 2008
Guests suffering from severe amnesia talk about their ordeals.
Hoarding Nightmare: The Aftermath
Air date
Oct 17, 2008
The doctor checks in with an extreme hoarder to see how she is progressing.
Virtual Chaos
Air date
Oct 20, 2008
Guests tell how obsessions with video games nearly ruined their lives and relationships.
What Do You Fear?
Air date
Oct 21, 2008
The doctor counsels a mother of three who has paralyzing phobias.
Forced to Be a Father
Air date
Oct 22, 2008
Men discuss finding out they are responsible for children they never knew existed; actor Jay Thomas discusses his relationship with the son he gave up for adoption.
Killer Texting
Air date
Oct 23, 2008
A 21-year-old woman insists she can safely drive and text message at the same time; a woman discusses losing her daughter in a car accident caused by a driver distracted by a cell phone.
Dating Double Standards
Air date
Oct 24, 2008
Women looking for love discuss dating double-standards; matchmaker Patti Stanger offers advice.
Broken Trust
Air date
Oct 27, 2008
A recent Reader’s Digest poll ranked trust as the number one crucial quality for a happy marriage. But what happens when trust between spouses is broken? Deanne and Brian have been .. show full overview
Cyber Bullying
Air date
Oct 28, 2008
Author Jay McGraw offers action-oriented plans for dealing with bullies; teens discuss cyberbullying.
Gender-Confused Kids
Air date
Oct 29, 2008
The doctor speaks to parents who say their children have gender identity disorders.
Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat
Air date
Oct 30, 2008
The doctor counsels 14 people with issues such as extreme anger, addiction, abuse and personal demons.
Extreme Discipline?
Air date
Oct 31, 2008
The doctor speaks to a couple with opposing views on child discipline.
Child Abductions
Air date
Nov 03, 2008
Child abductions; keeping one's child safe; actor Tom Arnold and filmmaker Damian Harris ("Gardens of the Night").
Grandmother vs. Mother Custody Battle
Air date
Nov 04, 2008
A custody battle between a child's grandmother and mother.
Mind Control?
Air date
Nov 05, 2008
Guests discuss their experiences with religious cults; the warning signs of mind control.
Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat
Air date
Nov 06, 2008
The doctor helps 14 people confront their personal demons once and for all.
Child Abandonment
Air date
Nov 07, 2008
Guests discuss child abandonment.
Drew Peterson
Air date
Nov 10, 2008
Former police sergeant Drew Peterson discusses the disappearance of his wife Stacy; author Derek Armstrong ("Drew Peterson Exposed").
Risky Teen Behavior
Air date
Nov 11, 2008
The doctor speaks to teens who are engaging in risky behavior such as smoking salvia and playing the choking game.
Air date
Nov 12, 2008
Musician David Foster discusses his new book, "Hitman," and joins singer Seal in the recording studio; Natalie Cole performs.
Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat
Air date
Nov 13, 2008
Fourteen people complete exercises to confront personal demons once and for all.
“My Mom vs. My Man!”
Air date
Nov 14, 2008
Guests say they are caught between their spouses and their families.
Love Triangle
Air date
Nov 17, 2008
The doctor counsels couples dealing with infidelity.
“My Child Can't Stop Eating”
Air date
Nov 18, 2008
Parents seek help for their overweight children.
Shoplifting Confessions
Air date
Nov 19, 2008
A couple say they made nearly $1 million by shoplifting; a woman says her husband is shattering their home life with his shoplifting compulsion.
Spouses at War
Air date
Nov 20, 2008
A couple's constant power struggle cripples their 20-year marriage.
Same-Sex Marriage: The Prop 8 Debate
Air date
Nov 21, 2008
Guests offer opposing views on the ban on same-sex marriage.
Family Cult
Air date
Nov 24, 2008
Siblings who were abused and raised in a cult-like setting try to get closure.
Family Drama
Air date
Nov 25, 2008
A woman blames her husband for the constant drama in their household.
A Husband's Double Life
Air date
Nov 26, 2008
The doctor counsels a couple dealing with sexual addiction.
“I Survived!” Caught on Camera
Air date
Nov 28, 2008
Guests discuss surviving life-changing events.
“Bring Back My Child”
Air date
Dec 01, 2008
Guests say their spouses abducted their children.
Whatever Happened To?
Air date
Dec 02, 2008
The doctor follows up with memorable guests.
Families Under Fire
Air date
Dec 03, 2008
Financial struggles threaten marriages.
Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat
Air date
Dec 04, 2008
The doctor counsels 14 people with issues such as addiction, anger, grief and abuse.
School Discipline: Out of Control?
Air date
Dec 05, 2008
Guests say the discipline at their children's schools is out of control.
Marriage Crisis: Drowning in Debt
Air date
Dec 08, 2008
A couple drowning in debt try to save their house and their marriage.
Fighting Back
Air date
Dec 09, 2008
Guests fight against injustices.
Air date
Dec 10, 2008
What is an obsession? Is it harmless? Or is it interfering with your life? How is it different from a passion, habit or quirk? Obsession: Conscious preoccupation with ideas that .. show full overview
Relationship Reality Check
Air date
Dec 11, 2008
The doctor gives couples relationship reality-checks.
911 Nightmares!
Air date
Dec 12, 2008
Guests tell how emergency operators failed them.
Headline Horror Stories
Air date
Dec 15, 2008
Legal commentator Nancy Grace, children's right attorney Paul Mones and criminologist Dr. Denise Boots discuss recent headlines.
Dr. Phil and Robin's Classic Holidays
Air date
Dec 16, 2008
Dr. Phil and Robin celebrate the holidays with giveaways worth thousands of dollars, celebrity guests and visits from Santa Claus and Kermit the Frog.
Huge Holiday Headaches
Air date
Dec 17, 2008
A woman says her mother goes overboard when it comes to Christmas; a woman says she hates Christmas and refuses to celebrate it at all.
Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony
Air date
Dec 18, 2008
The latest in the case of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.
Beyond the Front Lines
Air date
Dec 19, 2008
Injured war veterans say their health care is lacking.
New Year: Change Your Life
Air date
Jan 05, 2009
Guests seek help fulfilling New Year's resolutions; TV-show host Jim Cramer ("Mad Money") offers a strategy for achieving financial resolutions in 2009.
What's Age Got to Do with It?
Air date
Jan 06, 2009
Robin McGraw discusses her new book, "What's Age Got to Do With It?"; fashion guru Steven Cojocaru gives two women makeovers; creating a spa facial using inexpensive ingredients from the kitchen.
Omaha Mall Shooting: A Mother's Guilt
Air date
Jan 07, 2009
A woman discusses the guilt she feels over the mall shooting police say her son was responsible for; a survivor of the mall shooting tells his story.
Body-Obsessed Boys
Air date
Jan 08, 2009
A couple seek help for their 15-year-old anorexic son; a 22-year-old man says exercising and calorie counting have taken over his life.
Not Easily Broken
Air date
Jan 09, 2009
Bishop T.D. Jakes and the cast of "Not Easily Broken" discuss the movie; a couple seek help saving their marriage.
An Addict in the Family
Air date
Jan 12, 2009
A 21-year-old ingests combinations of 13 prescription and street drugs and is in danger of accidentally killing herself; one of the "heroin twins" celebrates a year of recovery; Dr. Travis Stork discusses accidental overdoses of prescription drugs.
Little Boy Lost
Air date
Jan 13, 2009
Specialists discuss gender-confused children; a woman's 11-year-old son transitions into a female.
Family Cult, Part 2
Air date
Jan 14, 2009
Extreme religious groups; two women travel to a compound to try to rescue their relatives; a brother and sister say they were molested by a group's leader.
Rage Caught on Tape
Air date
Jan 15, 2009
In-home cameras capture a man's rage toward his 13-year-old son; a woman says her anger grows with every year, and anyone is subject to her outrageous outbursts.
Ask Dr. Phil
Air date
Jan 16, 2009
A 43-year-old man likes to date much younger women; a woman says her husband throws too much stuff away; a woman wants gastric bypass surgery, but her husband opposes it.
Pressures of the President
Air date
Jan 19, 2009
Guests discuss the challenges President-elect Barack Obama faces and the qualities he possesses that will help him succeed; the toll stress can take on a president.
The Wild, Wild Web
Air date
Jan 21, 2009
Guests discuss the dangers of social networking Web sites such as Facebook and MySpace.
President Obama: Hope vs. Reality
Air date
Jan 22, 2009
The doctor and his guests discuss their thoughts on the new presidency and what to expect in the next four years; journalist Deborah Norville provides highlights from the inauguration; author Ann Coulter gives her opinions on President Barack Obama.
Behind the Headlines
Air date
Jan 23, 2009
Guests discuss the Caylee Anthony case and the disappearance of Adam Herrman, a man who was recently reported missing by his adoptive parents, though he went missing 10 years ago.
Fighting Fair
Air date
Jan 26, 2009
The doctor counsels a newlywed couple who have knock-down, drag-out fights.
Crazy Teen Trends
Air date
Jan 27, 2009
Teens engage in outrageous trends including sending risque texts and posting fighting videos on YouTube.
Honeymoon Hangover
Air date
Jan 28, 2009
The doctor counsels newlyweds who are already facing marital struggles.
Time to Grow Up!
Air date
Jan 29, 2009
Couples say their adult children must stop mooching off of them.
Rage Caught on Tape: The Follow Up
Air date
Feb 02, 2009
The doctor follows up with a woman who has anger issues.
Pursuing the Predator: Internet Investigations
Air date
Feb 03, 2009
The doctor discusses how to protect one's children from Internet predators.
Child Caught in the Middle
Air date
Feb 04, 2009
The doctor counsels divorced parents and their anxious 15-year-old son.
For Better or Worse?
Air date
Feb 05, 2009
A woman leaves her husband for another man and now lives in a tent; a woman learns her husband was living a secret life for almost a year.
What's Wrong with Men?
Air date
Feb 06, 2009
Single men and women debate dating, sex and relationships; a woman says her husband is romantically challenged; the doctor dispels myths about men.
Wasted Youth
Air date
Feb 09, 2009
Drug addicts ask the doctor for help changing their lifestyles.
Parent vs. Parent
Air date
Feb 10, 2009
A couple fight constantly about how to parent and discipline their three teenage sons.
Octuplets Debate
Air date
Feb 11, 2009
Guests debate the ethical questions surrounding the conception and recent birth of a single mother's octuplets.
Octuplets Scandal
Air date
Feb 12, 2009
Guests continue to discuss the controversy surrounding a single mother who recently gave birth to octuplets.
Valentine Dilemmas
Air date
Feb 13, 2009
Guests say they need help wowing their spouses for Valentine's Day.
Growing Up Too Fast?
Air date
Feb 16, 2009
A couple say their 14-year-old daughter dresses too sexy for her age; author M. Gigi Durham ("The Lolita Effect").
Paralyzed by Fear
Air date
Feb 17, 2009
Guests say they are paralyzed by fear after experiencing traumas.
The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution
Air date
Feb 18, 2009
McGraw continues his work with six teams across the country competing in a weight-loss challenge.
Behind the Headlines: Octuplets Saga Continues
Air date
Feb 19, 2009
Guests continue to discuss the controversy surrounding a single mother who recently gave birth to octuplets.
Tyler Perry: Anger to Forgiveness
Air date
Feb 20, 2009
Actor Tyler Perry ("Madea Goes to Jail") discusses how his titular character struggles with anger and unforgiveness; advice for dealing with toxic relatives.
Teen Love Trauma
Air date
Feb 23, 2009
A couple say their 18-year-old daughter has an unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend.ok-TO
How Not to Get Scammed
Air date
Feb 24, 2009
Guests tell how they were scammed out of thousands of dollars; protecting oneself from con artists.
Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil
Air date
Feb 25, 2009
Nadya Suleman talks about how she plans to care for her 14 children, and if she will have more children.
Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil, Part 2
Air date
Feb 26, 2009
Nadya Suleman's interview continues; Nadya's mother, Angela, talks about her daughter's decisions.
Forced to be a Deadbeat Dad?
Air date
Feb 27, 2009
Men who say they have trouble keeping up with child-support payments.
Money-Saving Tips and Tricks
Air date
Mar 02, 2009
Saving money on clothes, utilities and vacations.
How to Have More Sex, Less Fighting
Air date
Mar 03, 2009
Couples who say they have lost their libidos.
Affairs of the Heart
Air date
Mar 04, 2009
A man claims that his wife has been emotionally unfaithful multiple times.
One Mistake Away from Jail
Air date
Mar 05, 2009
Two rebellious teenagers headed down a dangerous path.
One Mistake Away from Jail: Teen Wake-Up Call
Air date
Mar 06, 2009
Two rebellious teenagers visit a prison and a morgue.
Gold-Digging Secrets Revealed
Air date
Mar 09, 2009
Gold-digging women reveal their secrets.
Octuplets: Breaking News
Air date
Mar 10, 2009
Nadya Suleman, single mother of octuplets, sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss the rampant rumors.
Dr. Phil Meets the Octuplets
Air date
Mar 11, 2009
Dr. Phil enters the hospital to meet Nadya Suleman's octuplets.
Love and Lies
Air date
Mar 12, 2009
Some women return to violent relationships.
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Air date
Mar 13, 2009
The Kardashian family talks about their biggest family issues, including media scrutiny and sibling rivalry.
Octuplets' Mom Answers Viewer Questions
Air date
Mar 16, 2009
Dr. Phil leads a town hall meeting between Nadya Suleman and the studio audience.
Young Wives at a Turning Point
Air date
Mar 17, 2009
Three young couples in unhealthy unions meet Dr. Phil for an intense three-day relationship overhaul.
Young Wives at a Turning Point, Part 2
Air date
Mar 18, 2009
Dr. Phil continues his work with three young couples who struggle to stay together.
The Millionaire Matchmaker
Air date
Mar 19, 2009
Matchmaker Patti Stanger gives advice on how to find love.
Abusive Love
Air date
Mar 20, 2009
Dr. Phil and Bishop T.D. Jakes tackle the subject of domestic violence.
“My Big Day Was Ruined”
Air date
Mar 23, 2009
Guests say their wedding days were disasters and they need help moving on.
Young Wives at a Turning Point, Part 3
Air date
Mar 24, 2009
Three young couples with children struggle to deal with issues such as trust, domestic violence and infidelity.
Octuplets: On the Record
Air date
Mar 25, 2009
An update on the octuplets and their mother, Nadya Suleman.
Octuplets: On the Record, Part 2
Air date
Mar 26, 2009
A discussion of the octuplets and their mother, Nadya Suleman.
How to Talk to Your Kids About Money
Air date
Mar 27, 2009
The doctor advises parents on how to talk to children about money.
The Dark Side of the Internet
Air date
Mar 30, 2009
Young women offer sex for money on the Internet.
Young Wives at a Turning Point, Part 4
Air date
Mar 31, 2009
Three couples work to resolve their issues and start over on their last day in the Dr. Phil House.
Frustrated Moms
Air date
Apr 01, 2009
Children say their mothers' rage is tearing their families apart.
Out of the Cult Follow-Up
Air date
Apr 02, 2009
A follow-up with 14 siblings who say they were abused by their father.
Reunion Realities
Air date
Apr 03, 2009
Many reunions with long-lost loved ones turn out joyous, but sometimes the results can be difficult to accept.
Scary Trends: Is Your Child at Risk?
Air date
Apr 16, 2009
Parents and teens discuss the new "sexting" trend, where teens send nude or semi-nude photos via cell phone.
Amazing Weight Loss Reveals
Air date
Apr 17, 2009
Participants in the doctor's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution challenge return to give updates on their progress.
Child with a Child
Air date
Apr 20, 2009
A teenage mother wants to prove to her family that she is a fit parent.
What's Hormones Got to Do with It?
Air date
Apr 21, 2009
Author Robin McGraw hopes to show women how to embrace life changes with dignity and grace.
Why Was Little Sandra Murdered?
Air date
Apr 22, 2009
The murder of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu.
How to Escape a Bad Marriage
Air date
Apr 23, 2009
A mother of four flees a violent marriage; steps for escaping an abusive relationship.
How to Get to “I Do”
Air date
Apr 24, 2009
Dr. Phil counsels a couple with commitment issues; a woman has been divorced seven times; a mother fears her bad marriage poisoned her daughters' view of men.
Craigslist Killer? Profile of the Med Student Accused
Air date
Apr 27, 2009
A profile of the man who has been accused of being "the Craigslist killer."
Need for Control
Air date
Apr 28, 2009
A self-proclaimed control freak learns what Dr. Phil says is causing her anxious behavior.
How to Make More Money
Air date
Apr 29, 2009
Living on less money; making a few extra dollars; finding a job; turning financial ruin around.
Dump Your Dreams?
Air date
Apr 30, 2009
Women say their husbands put their dreams of becoming famous before their families.
Teens: Pressure to Be Pretty
Air date
May 01, 2009
Teens say they face pressure to be beautiful.
Reinvent Yourself
Air date
May 04, 2009
Dr. Phil visits Detroit to talk to families in financial despair.
How to Be a Better Parent
Air date
May 05, 2009
Dr. Phil teaches parents how to take back control and live in peace for the first time.
How to Be a Better Parent, Part 2
Air date
May 06, 2009
This episode has no summary.
How to Stay Sober
Air date
May 07, 2009
Dr. Phil delves into the anatomy of addiction with two families on the verge of losing it all.
Does Mother Know Best?
Air date
May 08, 2009
Guests say their mothers go overboard and it is time to back off.
Behind the Headlines
Air date
May 11, 2009
The parents of teen Brittanee Drexel, who vanished while on spring break.
How to Be a Better Parent, Part 3
Air date
May 12, 2009
Dr. Phil continues his work with four families who are tired of the fighting and chaos in their homes and are striving to create peace.
“Save My Daughter”
Air date
May 13, 2009
A family wants to help a daughter conquer her eating disorder.
Not Daddy's Little Girl
Air date
May 14, 2009
Dr. Phil tries to help daughters improve their relationships with their fathers.
Dangerous Teen Trends
Air date
May 15, 2009
The latest dangerous teen trends.
DUI Outrage
Air date
May 18, 2009
A repeat offender meets mothers of young people who have been killed by drunken drivers; whether DUI laws are too lenient or too tough.
Drew Peterson Indicted
Air date
May 19, 2009
Former police officer Drew Peterson is accused of the murder of his third wife.
How to Fix a Broken Family
Air date
May 20, 2009
Couples say their relationships went from bad to worse after their weddings.
What Happens to Drew Peterson's Children?
Air date
May 21, 2009
The futures of Drew Peterson's four youngest children.
Summer Weight Loss Series
Air date
May 22, 2009
How to get in shape for summer without going broke.
Caught in the System
Air date
May 25, 2009
Dr. Phil offers hope for children in foster care.
How to Be a Better Parent, Part 4
Air date
May 26, 2009
Dr. Phil continues his work with four frustrated families in the Dr. Phil House.
Same-Sex Marriage Reaction
Air date
May 29, 2009
Guests discuss California's ban on same-sex marriage.
A Teen's Pregnancy
Air date
Jul 06, 2009
A pregnant 15-year-old tries to decide whether to keep her baby.
A Teen's Pregnancy: Brittney's Decision
Air date
Jul 07, 2009
A pregnant 15-year-old reveals whether she is keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption.
Ask the Bishop
Air date
Jul 08, 2009
The doctor and Bishop T.D. Jakes discuss strategies for staying motivated during uncertain economic times.
Is It Over? A Divorce Solution
Air date
Jul 09, 2009
The doctor counsels couples on the verge of divorce.
Air date
Jul 10, 2009
Guests discuss living with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Dr. Phil's Recession Survival Squad
Air date
Aug 31, 2009
Job recruiter Tony Beshara, financial planner Robert Pagliarini and money guru Mary Hunt help a couple devise a plan to survive the recession and overcome their debt.
Is Life Getting to You?
Air date
Sep 01, 2009
The doctor counsels guests struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety of their daily lives.
When She's the Breadwinner
Air date
Sep 02, 2009
Families discuss what happens when the woman is the breadwinner; advice for finding a job.
The Kidnapping of Jaycee Lee
Air date
Sep 03, 2009
The Jaycee Dugard abduction case.
Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat Update
Air date
Sep 04, 2009
The doctor follows up with guests confronted personal demons at a retreat.
On Thin Ice
Air date
Sep 07, 2009
The doctor counsels a couple who fight nonstop and are on the verge of divorce.
How to Be a Better Parent, Part 5
Air date
Sep 08, 2009
The doctor speaks with mothers in desperate need of parenting help.
Conception Crazed
Air date
Sep 09, 2009
Guests say they are tormented by their inability to get pregnant.
Trapped Under the Same Roof
Air date
Sep 10, 2009
A woman says she cannot afford a divorce due to the current economic crisis.
7x182 Season finale
Is This Normal?
Air date
Sep 11, 2009
If your friend or family member has an unusual behavior, does that mean he or she is not normal? Dr. Phil’s guests question the extreme behavior of their loved ones and want to know if .. show full overview

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