The Beachcombers

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  • Premiered: Oct 1972
  • Episodes: 321
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  • CBC
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  • Adventure Comedy Drama


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Season 19
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 03, 1990
A regular fishing trip for Tommy, Nick and Jesse turns into a nightmare when Nick is kidnapped by crooks intent on escaping to American waters.
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 10, 1990
Sam is embarrassed by his visiting cousin, who has Down's syndrome.
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 17, 1990
Jack's determination to visit an old flame has the regulars duly concerned--Constance Bourne has been dead for ten years! And events become even more bizarre when Pat finds an invitation to Jack from Constance herself.
Ghost Story
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 24, 1990
Dana's positive she the Reach. The Ghost of Captain Stubbs, explains Jack. But when Dana learns the regulars have fooled her with a childish ghost story, she decides it's time for the Captain himself to make an appearance.
The Methuselah Tree
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 31, 1990
Tommy and Jack occupy a treefort in an ancient 200 ft. tall temperate rainforest tree in order to save it from destructions by Ted Blake and his silent partner, Relic
Broken Hearts
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 07, 1990
Sam gets some interesting and totally useless advice from Nick, John, Pat and Graham, when he finds himself smitten with the daughter of his mother's friend. Meanwhile, Dana and Sam are .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 14, 1990
Both Ted Blake and Corporal John find themselves experiencing mid-life crises of sorts: Ted's trying to relive a carefree youth while John is having difficulty deciding his future with Dr. Ann.
Last Things
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 21, 1990
Relic makes some uncharacteristically friendly overtures to Nick. Later, Nick and John take Relic, against his will, to a doctor because Nick has found out Relic thinks he has Lou .. show full overview
Dearly Beloved
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 28, 1990
John and Anne are too busy with their respective careers to organize their wedding so they hire Dana to take it on. Although under pressure by the lack of a bagpiper, a failed wedding .. show full overview
Oh, Promise Me
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 05, 1990
John gets up his courage to propose to Ann, only to be interrupted by an earthquake. Meanwhile, Relic along with Ted Blake and Ted's partner, Green, become trapped in an old machine .. show full overview
19x11 Show finale
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 12, 1990
In this the last episode, Nick finds himself in the middle of a blackmailing scheme involving Les Boog, a man who owns the only log salvaging brokerage company in the area. Boats blow .. show full overview

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