Super Dragon Ball Heroes

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Season 1 Discuss
Goku vs. Goku! A Transcendent Battle Begins on the Prison Planet!
Air date
Jul 01, 2018
Goku and Vegeta's training with Whis and Beerus is interrupted by the arrival of Future Mai, who tells them that Future Trunks has been captured. A mysterious figure emerges, introducing .. show full overview
Goku Goes Berserk! The Evil Saiyan's Rampage!!
Air date
Jul 16, 2018
Goku and company are helpless against the evil Saiyan who is shrouded in an overwhelming large, sinister ki! Goku is enveloped by the evil Saiyan’s ki and runs wild, but an unexpected savior comes to the rescue!
The Mightiest Radiance! Vegito Blue Kaio-ken Explodes!
Air date
Sep 06, 2018
The evil Saiyan Cumber has now revealed his true form, and in order to face off against him, Goku and Vegeta fuse via the Potara! They become the mightiest warrior, Vegito Blue, and even .. show full overview
Rage! Super Fu Appears!
Air date
Sep 27, 2018
Cumber unleashes his fearsome form and runs wild. His power is too much for the Prison Planet to handle, and the chains start to snap one by one. Seeing this throws Fu into a rage, and he unleashes his hidden power.
The Mightiest Warrior! Super Saiyan 4 Vegetto!!
Air date
Oct 28, 2018
As Goku and company are in a jam, Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta come to their aid, having noticed the change in the Prison Planet. To counter Cumber's bottomless power, the two use the Potara to fuse! It's the explosive birth of the mightiest warrior!
I'll Finish This! Ultra Instinct Goes Into Operation!!
Air date
Dec 22, 2018
Amidst the crumbling Prison Planet, a final battle begins with everything on the line!
Zamasu Revived?! The Curtain Rises on the Universal Conflict Arc!
Air date
Jan 10, 2019
Trunks, Vegeta, and the others have escaped from the Prison planet. Before they can even recover from their wounds, they receive word that Universe 6 is under attack. What lies in wait .. show full overview
The Ultimate, Worst Warrior Invades! Universe 6 Demolished!
Air date
Feb 24, 2019
Trunks and company face an uphill battle against Oren and Kamin's fierce combination attacks. In the middle of the fight, the Core Area warrior Hearts appears and reveals his shocking plan.
Goku Revived!! Strongest Vs. Strongest Collide!
Air date
Mar 07, 2019
Jiren stands before Cumber, who has appeared and run amok in Universe 11. A fearsome battle unfolds between the two. Just then, Goku, whose whereabouts had been unknown, appears alongside the Great Priest.
Counterattack! Fierce Attack! Goku and Vegeta!
Air date
Apr 18, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Fierce Fight! Universe 11's Decisive Battle!
Air date
May 09, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Calling All Super Warriors! Universe 7's Decisive Battle!
Air date
Jun 22, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Super Hearts Joins the Fight! An All-Out Earth-Shaking Battle!
Air date
Jul 11, 2019
This episode has no summary.
The Menacing Universe Seed! Kamioren's Rampage!!
Air date
Jul 28, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Send Kamioren Flying! Overwhelming! Ultra Instinct!
Air date
Sep 05, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Zamasu vs Universe 7! Ambition's End!
Air date
Oct 10, 2019
This episode has no summary.
The Ultimate Godslayer! Hearts is Born!
Air date
Oct 27, 2019
This episode has no summary.

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