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  • Premiered: Sep 1984
  • Episodes: 13
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  • Action Adventure Animation Science-fiction


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Season 1
Cute Groots
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 08, 1984
Borf's direct attack on the Moon Colony masks his true plan, which involves using the Infanto Ray on his Groots and getting Trader Ed to sell them to the unsuspecting colonists.
Cosmic Camp Catastrophe
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 15, 1984
Ace & Kim are assigned to watch a group of kids (including Vaughn's nephew)on a camping trip; Borf makes the task more difficult than they expected.
Dangerous Decoy
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 22, 1984
Borf attempts to kidnap schoolgirl (and inventor) Emmy Sue Perkins to help him create the ultimate weapon; however Ace (as Dexter) disguises himself as the girl to thwart his plan.
Moon Missle Madness
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 29, 1984
Ace and Kimberly infiltrate a space biker gang in an effort to keep Borf from blasting the Earth with a top secret missile.
Perilous Partners
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 06, 1984
Ace and Kimberly must team up with Borf to keep (Commander) Parch (of Drix) from stealing all of Earth's water.
Frozen in Fear
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 13, 1984
An ancient alien creature thaws out of its icy prison; Ace & Kimberly have to get it back from Borf (who wants to train it to be his attack beast).
Age Ray Riot
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 20, 1984
Borf accidentally gets hit by his Infanto Ray and is transformed into a teenager. Borf and Ace (Dexter) must race (and fight)each other to the Age Ray, which each hope will make them normal.
Wanted: Dexter!
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 27, 1984
Vaughn sends Ace and Kimberly to a frontier planet to assist the local authorities. The crook that's giving 'em such a rough time just happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Dexter...
The Phantom Shuttle
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 03, 1984
Officer Kimberly and Space Ace discover what seems to be an abandoned spaceship. When they explore it, the Space Command officers discover that the ship belongs to an alien mad scientist who wants a strong life force to animate his monster.
Spoiled Sports
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 10, 1984
Kimberly gets stuck with guard duty at Space Command HQ while Ace competes in the Galaxy Games. Naturally, Borf tries to capitalize on this situation.
Calamity Kimmie
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 17, 1984
Borf uses his Infanto Ray on Kimberly and it has a delayed effect. Young Kimmie must escape and try to get back to normal while trying help other Infanto Ray victims escape as well.
Three Ring Rampage
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 24, 1984
Borf has an evil plan to capture Space Marshall Vaughn & 2 planetary leaders when the Cosmic Circus comes to Earth.
1x13 Show finale
Infanto Fury
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 01, 1984
Space Marshall Vaughn and two other Space Command Officers got hit by the Infanto Ray. Ace & Kim had to deal with that and kick Borf's big blue butt out of the Moon Colony.

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