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Season 1 Discuss
The Weird Girls From Highschool
Air date
Sep 16, 2018
After a perfect summer with her boyfriend Jorge, Eva deals with the complication of having no friends in the begging of the year. In the first week, she meets some girls and join them to change the course of their lives.
There is a Mess
Air date
Sep 23, 2018
The girls get closer and Eva meets a boy named Cristian, who ends up inviting her to his party. Meanwhile, Eva suspects that Jorge is lying about something.
Show Me Your Phone
Air date
Sep 30, 2018
Inés becomes the main point of Eva's discussion with her boyfriend when she questions him about the proximity between them. Elsewhere, the girls seek to stop whatever Inés has against Eva.
Truth or Dare
Air date
Oct 07, 2018
Lucas helps Eva in her reconciliation with Jorge. At a party, Eva's friends and Jorge's group play truth or dare, and when Amira asks for a truth, Eva lies.
And How Am I?
Air date
Oct 14, 2018
Viri and Alejandro get closer, as she tells her friends that they will have a weekend together. Cris, Nora and Amira go for a trip, while Eva and Jorge face what can be the end of their relationship.
Always Angry
Air date
Oct 21, 2018
Eva tells her friends about her break up and reflects on whether that was the best decision. Viri is thrilled to tell everything about her moment with Alejandro.
Feeling Like Crap
Air date
Oct 28, 2018
After getting back together, Eva tries to trust her boyfriend, even if something tells her the opposite. Viri comes up with herpes, just like Alejandro and some other girls at school.
The Truth Ahead
Air date
Nov 04, 2018
Lucas opens up with Eva, and she sees an opportunity to tell what she did at Nora's party. Alejandro throws a Halloween party and invites all the girls, showing a special interest in Nora.
Eva the Bitch
Air date
Nov 11, 2018
Eva deals with a series of harassments and an ongoing bullying after all the school finds out she made out with Lara's boyfriend.
Nobody Cares
Air date
Nov 18, 2018
Eva's friends try to help her overcome the rough last events, but not everyone is worth of trust nor true friends. Lastly, she tries to find out who's behind the photo.
Air date
Nov 25, 2018
Eva, Nora, Cris and Amira avoid forgiving Viri, when she shows to be sorry for what she did. With her birthday on the way, Eva tries to make amends with those she loves.
Happy New Year!
Air date
Jan 01, 2019
Eva and her friends attend a party to celebrate New Year's Eve. At the party, they run into some of their acquaintances.

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