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  • Premiered: Feb 1975
  • Episodes: 39
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Season 2 Discuss
Deadly Tide (1)
Air date
Sep 13, 1975
Hondo and his team go after a gang of jewel thieves who make their getaways under water.
Deadly Tide (2)
Air date
Sep 13, 1975
Hondo and his team close in on the gang that has been committing robberies using SCUBA gear.
Kill S.W.A.T.
Air date
Sep 20, 1975
Following a training exercise with S.W.A.T. officers from another division, Hondo and Street find the dead body of officer Frank Crane with the words "Kill S.W.A.T." pinned to his chest. .. show full overview
Dealers in Death
Air date
Sep 27, 1975
Two officers go undercover to catch drug dealers.
Time Bomb
Air date
Oct 04, 1975
After completing S.W.A.T. exercises at a movie studio, Street realizes that he left his beeper on the lot. When he and his girlfriend return to collect it, they are trapped in the .. show full overview
The Vendetta
Air date
Oct 11, 1975
Mel Lang and Ralph Costa have served sentences in prison after being framed by one Carl Rigby and arrested by Hondo Harrelson. When S.W.A.T. is called upon to assist police in evicting .. show full overview
Air date
Oct 18, 1975
Runaway teenager Kathy Benson, seeking shelter in the warehouse, calls police when several men break in. Before fleeing the scene, Kathy gets a clear look at the leader, Gregg Colby, a .. show full overview
Air date
Oct 25, 1975
Radio repairman Paul Julian has patched in on the S.W.A.T. radio band so he can show up at a scene of police action, where he can observe and judge each case from a concealed position. .. show full overview
Air date
Nov 01, 1975
Howard Wilson is jailed and his partners, Mike Simon and Frank Peterson, escape before S.W.A.T. moves in to combat a race track heist involving a female hostage. Wilson is on the brink .. show full overview
Air date
Nov 08, 1975
Hondo and a convicted dope dealer are stranded in rough terrain when syndicate thugs who want to keep him from testifying sabotage their helicopter.
Strike Force
Air date
Nov 15, 1975
Hondo and his team are assigned to handle security for a demagogic former general who now leads a racist paramilitary group.
The Swinger
Air date
Nov 22, 1975
D.A. Ainsely Stevens holds secret information which could convict two syndicate chieftains of capital crimes. Because Stevens insists on saying nothing until the grand jury convenes, and .. show full overview
Terror Ship
Air date
Nov 29, 1975
A man steals a tugboat laden with explosives and threatens to blow up a famous marine biologist unless he is given a million dollars.
Murder by Fire
Air date
Dec 06, 1975
Marco, an arsonist-killer posing as a fireman, engineers a fire during Southern California's dry season in the area's most affluent neighborhood. While looting the evacuated home of a .. show full overview
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Air date
Dec 13, 1975
Millionairess Doris Bristol has brought gems into the hospital where she is undergoing cosmetic surgery. Her bodyguard, John DeLeon, is slain after he spots criminal Frank Malloy posing .. show full overview
The Running Man (1)
Air date
Jan 24, 1976
Syndicate hit men stalk an undercover officer, who plans to testify against the mob.
The Running Man (2)
Air date
Jan 24, 1976
The SWAT team protects a key government witness against an organized crime boss.
Lessons in Fear
Air date
Jan 31, 1976
Hondo Harrelson and his team are called upon to investigate robbery-homicides in which powerful drills and cutting equipment have been stolen. Meanwhile, Dom Luca is dating a student, .. show full overview
Deadly Weapons
Air date
Feb 21, 1976
Bud Haskins, disowned after marrying a girl whom his father, John Haskins, disapproved, decides to help three "professionals" crack open the safe in the elder Haskins' warehouse. Bud is .. show full overview
The Chinese Connection
Air date
Feb 28, 1976
Lt. Eddie Chew is assigned to aid Lt. Hondo Harrelson when an elderly shop owner is fatally beaten by an illegal Chinese alien working as a shakedown man for Albert Parker, the Caucasian .. show full overview
Dragons and Owls
Air date
Mar 06, 1976
Clues to the perpetrators of a series of rapes are a religious medal and a Biblical quotation overheard by one of the victims.
Any Second Now
Air date
Mar 13, 1976
A group of militants take over a radio station and demand that their jailed leader be released or they'll blow it up.
Soldier on the Hill
Air date
Mar 20, 1976
A mentally unbalanced veteran touring a movie studio suddenly thinks he is back fighting in Vietnam.
Dangerous Memories
Air date
Mar 27, 1976
As Lt. Harrelson lies in a hospital bed, severely wounded, the other members of the team reminisce about their best moments together in clips from previous episodes.
2x25 Show finale
Officer Luca, You're Dead
Air date
Apr 03, 1976
Luca is charged with manslaughter after he is forced to kill a man who was holding his own wife hostage at gunpoint.

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