Ripper Street

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  • Premiered: Dec 2012
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Season 2
Pure as the Driven
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 28, 2013
Jack the Ripper may be fading into memory, but east London has found no peace. An investigation into the assault of a policeman leads DI Reid and the men of H-Division to the .. show full overview
Am I Not Monstrous?
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 04, 2013
A young woman is found murdered at the London Hospital and the only clue to her identity is an unusual deformity. The hunt for her killer takes Reid and the team into the shadowy .. show full overview
Become Man
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 11, 2013
The abduction of a prominent member of the London County Council introduces Reid to Councilor Jane Cobden, the first woman appointed to the LCC - because it appears the kidnappers are .. show full overview
Dynamite and a Woman
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 18, 2013
An Irish bomber is sprung from prison and barely a day later a prominent opponent of the Home Rule movement is murdered. Chief Inspector Abberline is convinced that the Irish Republican .. show full overview
Threads of Silk and Gold
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 25, 2013
Investigations into the brutal slaying of a telegraph boy lift the lid on a vice racket run from the offices of the GPO. The case leads Reid to the heart of the one of the city's most .. show full overview
A Stronger Loving World
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 02, 2013
Churches and synagogues are being burnt and desecrated in Whitechapel and Reid suspects the same hand behind the various attacks. Meanwhile, the all-too-brief domestic happiness that .. show full overview
Our Betrayal (1)
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 09, 2013
A valuable symbol of the British Empire’s wealth shows up in the form of an uncut diamond. It is a jewel ‘freed’ from the diamond monopoly of De Graal by one Daniel Judge, Captain .. show full overview
2x8 Season finale
Our Betrayal (2)
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 16, 2013
Death and violence comes to Whitechapel once again. Some decayed and murdered bodies are discovered in a slum tenement, and the advanced stages of the police divisional boxing .. show full overview

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