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Season 1 Disqus
Air date
May 30, 2018
Former hostage negotiator Mara Kint is hired by tech company Oniratech to save people who have lost themselves in a sophisticated virtual reality program called Reverie.
Bond. Jane Bond.
Air date
Jun 06, 2018
When a client becomes addicted to a “Jane Bond” adventure, Mara must help her assemble the missing pieces in her life to save her. At the same time, Mara deals with the unanticipated side effects of Reverie.
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Air date
Jun 13, 2018
A family man robs banks in his Reverie and Mara must uncover the deeper reasons why. Mara’s derealizations put her life in danger.
Blue Is the Coldest Color
Air date
Jun 20, 2018
Alexis’s former partner Oliver Hill resurfaces and warns Mara that Reverie 2.0 has some dangerous side effects. Back at Onira-Tech, a BCI is stolen and Mara must go into a rogue Reverie.
Altum Somnum
Air date
Jun 27, 2018
Monica Shaw seeks help from the team after a bombing kills dozens of people. Mara must dive into the mind of a coma victim to try and identify the perpetrator.
Pas de Deux
Air date
Jul 04, 2018
This episode has no summary.
The Black Mandala
Air date
Jul 11, 2018
This episode has no summary.
Air date
Jul 18, 2018
This episode has no summary.
The Key
Air date
Jul 25, 2018
This episode has no summary.
Point of Origin
Air date
Aug 01, 2018
This episode has no summary.

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