• Premiered: Sep 1996
  • Episodes: 83
  • Followers: 44
  • Ended
  • NBC
  • Unknown
  • Crime Drama Mystery Thriller


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Season 4
Reunion (1)
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 25, 1999
A new profiler is called in to help locate Sam, who was abducted by Jack, the bogus sheriff.
Reunion (2)
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 02, 1999
More killings occur that resemble Jack's original murders and the relationship between Sam and Chloe is examined.
Blind Eye
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 30, 1999
In her first case as the new profiler, Rachel Burke is on the trail of a serial killer whose victims are left deliberately posed.
Old Ghosts
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 06, 1999
Bailey revisits a 15-year-old serial-murder case, from which the bodies have just been found. Soon after he and Rachel arrive in town, another murder occurs and an abduction takes place.
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 13, 1999
Rachel and the team investigate a series of killings wherein each of the victims had recently been involved in an extra-marital liason.
To Serve & Protect
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 04, 1999
Rachel and her colleagues travel to St. Louis to try to solve three killings that have occurred in as many weeks.
Original Sin
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 11, 1999
Rachel attempts to solve the murders of a number of brunette women in their early 30s.
Train Man
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 08, 2000
After an eighth victim is claimed by a killer who travels in boxcars, Rachel and the team go to Arizona, the scene of the latest murder.
Quid Pro Quo
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 15, 2000
Rachel forms a bond with a mob boss, whose only daughter has become the latest victim of a serial killer.
Clean Sweep (2)
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 05, 2000
Jarod and the FBI's Rachel Burke discover that the two dirty Secret Service agents, who are their most direct link to the killers of a fellow agent, are found slain, forcing them to .. show full overview
Random Act
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 12, 2000
While shopping in a convenience store with his girlfriend Kate, Agent John Grant intercedes during a robbery, but when Kate is wounded and fights for her life, Rachel and Bailey are .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 19, 2000
When Rachel visits her old college to appear on a radio call-in show to discuss a series of ongoing sexual assaults on campus, the case takes a peculiar personal turn when the rapist .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 26, 2000
After a police officer and other authority figures are found stabbed in the backs, Rachel centers her investigation on a young woman, Pamela, who is reported to have assumed multiple .. show full overview
Paradise Lost
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 11, 2000
Rachel, Bailey and the team head to Yosemite National Park where a maniac brutally killed a mother and her two daughters, and while circumstantial evidence points to a local outlaw .. show full overview
The Long Way Home
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 18, 2000
A tormented Rachel must push aside her personal nightmares when she realizes that a disturbed child slayer, whom she could not convict as a prosecutor years before, has resumed .. show full overview
House of Cards
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 25, 2000
A desperate Rachel and the VCTF team cast about wildly to quickly form a profile of an anonymous sniper who's perched atop the pump house of a dam with a commanding view of his victims .. show full overview
Mea Culpa
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 22, 2000
Rachel and the team search for a serial killer who does not seem to follow a pattern following the abduction of a 10-year-old boy from a local diner. Meanwhile, Bailey must testify .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 29, 2000
When a talented concert pianist is found slain, Rachel suspects the victim's prodding parents until she discovers the young woman was pregnant and that her baby was forcibly delivered .. show full overview
On Your Marks
Episode overview
Air date
May 06, 2000
Rachel is emotionally distraught after her brother's death and she's further rattled by the mind games played by wanted ex-Agent Marks, who she believes is responsible for a series of .. show full overview
4x20 Show finale
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 01, 2000
As Rachel continues to be spooked by Marks, she and the team investigate a series of murders of businessmen who were all involved with the same woman.

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