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Season 2 Discuss
Gotta Dance / Otter Pox
Air date
May 01, 1999
A.) A make-up-your-own-dance contest is held for all the kids in Lake Hoohaw, and this causes Peanut to completely flip out. You see, he thinks that he can't dance. B.) Jelly comes down .. show full overview
The Dollhouse / The Tell-Tale Candy Wrapper
Air date
May 02, 1999
A.) Munchy mistakenly chews up Pinch's favorite toy: a wooden dollhouse her father built for her. PB&J then try to help Munchy figure out the best way to tell Pinch about what .. show full overview
Eye Spy / Happy Harmony
Air date
May 16, 1999
A.) Flick tries to hide the fact that he must now wear reading glasses. B.) Peanut and Jelly get into an argument over whether you're supposed to high-five or low-five. Upon overhearing .. show full overview
Strike Up The Band / World's Strongest Otter
Air date
Jun 06, 1999
A.) PB&J perform a Mothers' Day concert for all of the moms on Lake Hoohaw. B.) After failing to pass a test of strength at the local fair one night, Peanut wishes that he were a bodybuilder, just like the super-buff weightlifting pros on TV.
Come Back, Little Monster / The Big Sweep
Air date
Jun 13, 1999
A.) A baby turtle thinks that Peanut is his mother, and begins following him around everywhere he goes. But when things start to get out of hand, Peanut tries to think of a way to show .. show full overview
Butter Tags Along / Flick's Big Find
Air date
Jun 27, 1999
A.) Butter goes along with Peanut, Flick and Munchy on an adventurous trip ""around the world"". B.) Flick finds one of Ootsie and Bootsie's toys on the ground, and wants to keep it for himself.
Tub O' Butter / El Dorado, Seat of Gold
Air date
Jul 18, 1999
A.) Peanut and Jelly try to convince Butter to take her bath, so they can all be in bed by 8:00pm, and still have time for their nightly bedtime story. B.) Mayor Jeff holds a big .. show full overview
Mayor Flick / The Greatest Sleepover Ever
Air date
Jul 18, 1999
A.) Flick is elected Kid Mayor For A Day, and promises to solve any and every problem his ""kid citizens"" might have. However, it soon becomes apparent to the other kids that their .. show full overview
Save Oaky Oak Tree / The Duck Who Cried Wolf
Air date
Jul 18, 1999
A.) Ootsie and Bootsie threaten to have a local tree cut down. Unfortunately, it's also the neighborhood kids' favorite tree to play in. Not going down without a fight, the kids try to .. show full overview
Poor Bubbles / Poodle Power
Air date
Jul 18, 1999
A.) When PB&J's pet bass, Bubbles, isn't acting like his usual frisky self, the kids try to think of ways to help him feel better. B.) When the Snooties' new high-tech video game .. show full overview
Forgive Me Not / These Shoes Are Made For Walking
Air date
Aug 22, 1999
A.) Pinch accidentally rips Jelly's prized rodeo cape. Even though it was an accident, Jelly refuses to forgive her. B.) Peanut gets a new pair of shoes, only much LARGER and much .. show full overview
Mama Peanut / Bye-Bye Bubbles
Air date
Aug 29, 1999
A.) A baby turtle thinks that Peanut is his mother, and begins following him around everywhere he goes. But when things start to get out of hand, Peanut tries to think of a way to show .. show full overview
Practice Makes Perfect / Three's a Crowd
Air date
Aug 30, 1999
A.) Peanut learns to ride a bike, in spite of being made fun of by his friends. B.) Opal takes care of the Muskrat family's newborn triplets for the day, but her constant attention to the babies leaves PB&J feeling neglected.
Lost and Found / Sherlock Otter
Air date
Sep 18, 1999
A.) Peanut and Jelly accidentally become separated from their parents at the local fair. B.) When several objects vanish around the Otter household, Peanut and Jelly become ""Sherlock Otters"", and try to solve the mysterious disappearances.
I'll Be Your Best Friend / Otterly Alone
Air date
Sep 25, 1999
A.) Flick and Munchy both try to get on Peanut's good side, to try and prove which one of them is REALLY Peanut's best friend. B.) Mayor Jeff babysits PB&J, when Opal has to go out of town for the day.
Lemon-itis / Duckbird Alert
Air date
Sep 26, 1999
A.) PB&J open up a lemonade stand, hoping to earn enough money to buy an expensive toy. B.) Flick is depressed, when he comes to believe that he'll never learn how to fly.
Follow Your Nose
Air date
Nov 23, 1999
When PB&J go off for a picnic, they encounter a family of underground-dwelling Moles. Since the family lives down beneath the ground, they can't see too well in bright sunlight - so they .. show full overview
The Ice Moose
Air date
Dec 06, 1999
The holidays have officially hit Lake Hoohaw. Lights are strung around the houseboats, snow blankets the ground, and a visit from gift-bearing Old Tim (The Ice Moose) is due any night, .. show full overview
Baby Butter's Bankie / Three Super Otters
Air date
Dec 19, 1999
A.) Butter finds her long-lost baby blanket in the basement, and the family recalls how it was lost there in the first place. B.) While pretending to be mighty superheroes, the ""Super .. show full overview
Butter's First Check-Up / The Legend of Ponce de L'Otter
Air date
Jan 01, 2000
A.) Butter is afraid of going to the dentist for her very first check-up, so Peanut and Jelly try to show her that when it comes to dental visits, there's nothing to worry about. B.) .. show full overview
Gotcha! / The Mysterious Mirror
Air date
Jan 02, 2000
A.) The neighborhood kids are a little jumpy, after watching a scary movie on TV. Flick takes advantage of this, and goes around playing mean practical jokes on each and every one of his .. show full overview
A Tree Grows in Hoohaw / Flick's Big Fakeout
Air date
Jan 22, 2000
A.) When an old Pine Tree that has been in Mayor Jeff's family for years, begins to get very sick, PB&J try their best to nurse it back to health. B.) When the kids begin to shower .. show full overview
This Little Light of Mine / Look Ma, No Hands
Air date
Jan 30, 2000
A.) Peanut and Jelly capture a lightning bug, one evening. When Butter notices how sad the bug appears to be, stuck in a small jar on the window sill, she decides to set him free. B.) .. show full overview
Chez Otter / Hooray for Peanut
Air date
Feb 04, 2000
A.) PB&J try to set up a fancy wedding anniversary dinner for their parents, but they forget to include one thing: The Food! B.) Peanut is congratulated by the whole town for being a .. show full overview
The Great Water Race / Be Nice to Beavers
Air date
Feb 06, 2000
A.) Flick challenges Peanut and Jelly to an innertube race on the Lake. Flick is positively sure that he can beat the slow Otters, but it turns out he may be TOO sure of himself. B.) .. show full overview
2x26 Season finale
Kid Court / A Frog Named Measles
Air date
Apr 01, 2000
A.) Pinch acts as Judge, in a trial that will decide which one of the Otter kids gets to watch their favorite TV show. B.) Munchy is shocked when he comes to believe that PB&J want to infect him with the Measles.

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