New York News

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  • Premiered: Sep 1995
  • Episodes: 8
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Season 1
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 28, 1995
Jack smokes out an insurance scam involving the fire department. Angela's story on cops and hookers get sidetracked when she helps a young girl whose mother works full-time and father, a .. show full overview
Fun City
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 05, 1995
Louise has lunch with Frank Elliot, the owner of the New York Reporter, who informs her that he's considering selling the paper because it's losing money. Until that time, Elliot assigns .. show full overview
Thin Line
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 08, 1995
Angela covers the Central Park shooting of a mother and her two young daughters. Her investigation makes her uncomfortable when things point to the mother. In his haste to meet an .. show full overview
Broadway Joe
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 12, 1995
Martin Lapetto tips Jack about cops in his plainclothes anti-crime unit that's ripping off drug dealers. Jack's story creates complications for Lapetto, the newspaper and his life. .. show full overview
Good-Bye Gator
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 19, 1995
At the hospital Louise and Jack try to visit a recuperating Mitch but his wife Asia has banned everyone at the newspaper from seeing him. Jack investigates a possible outbreak of the .. show full overview
A Question of Truth
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 02, 1995
Angela goes to her old neighborhood in Little Italy looking for leads on one of the mob families but ends up doing a story on domestic abuse that involves a former boyfriend. Jack's .. show full overview
Welcome Back Cotter
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 09, 1995
This episode has no summary.
1x8 Show finale
You Thought the Pope was Something
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 30, 1995
This episode has no summary.

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