NCIS: Hawai'i

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  • Premiered: Sep 2021
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  • Action Crime Drama Mystery


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Season 1
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 20, 2021
An experimental Naval aircraft crashes on Oahu, and Tennant and her team must find who is behind it before classified state secrets are exposed.
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 27, 2021
Tennant and NCIS must take down a notorious team of international thieves using WWII explosives on armored trucks before they complete their final big job and disappear. Also, Kai .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 04, 2021
Kai goes undercover with one of Hawai`i’s oldest surf gangs when a petty officer who’s trying to help wayward kids find a new path in the Marines is murdered.
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 11, 2021
When a beloved Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) is shot while out riding his horse, Jane and her team must gain the trust of the Paniolo community to help find the culprits and protect the .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 18, 2021
When a Japanese sailor is killed on American soil and evidence links the case to the previous murder of the victim’s girlfriend back in Japan, NCIS must find the murderer before the .. show full overview
The Tourist
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 01, 2021
When Tennant and NCIS are tasked with finding a kidnapped globe-trotting social media star, they find that she is not who her husband, or her followers, think she is. The team is at odds with Whistler, who has an agenda of her own.
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 08, 2021
When a Navy petty officer is murdered, Jane and the team investigate while protecting the victim’s friend and colleague.
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 29, 2021
When an anti-capitalist protestor is murdered, Jane and the team investigate and find themselves caught in a war between eco-activists and a tech billionaire fighting over a piece of land. Also, Jane and Captain Joe go on a date.
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 06, 2021
The NCIS team investigates a cold case involving WWII-era bones on the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombings, and are shocked to learn they belong to a 100-year-old survivor of the attack.
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 03, 2022
NCIS crosses paths with Whistler’s team while investigating a shipping container filled with contraband weapons. Also, Tennant debates arresting Alex’s friend’s dad, knowing it will cause her friend to move away.
The Game
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 17, 2022
When evidence to put away a drug kingpin is stolen, Lucy goes undercover at an underground poker tournament to find out which high-roller is behind the crime. Also, Lucy’s feelings are in turmoil when Whistler’s ex-girlfriend arrives in town.
Spies (1)
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 23, 2022
When NCIS investigates the mysterious death of a Navy engineer, Joseph Chan, they learn the last person he met with was his colleague, Maggie Shaw, Jane’s mentor and friend, who’s been .. show full overview
Spies (2)
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 24, 2022
While Jane investigates Maggie’s kidnapping, she’s shocked when she learns the truth and enlists her team and Whistler to prove her findings.

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