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Season 42
The Platypus Guardian
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 18, 2023
Witness the story of Pete Walsh, a Tasmanian man who befriends a platypus he names Zoom. With the help of experts, Pete learns more about the platypus’s secret world in a mission to protect them from the dangers of urban development.
Spy in the Ocean: Deep Thinkers
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 25, 2023
Spy creatures reveal an ocean full of startling ways of thinking, including large-brained whales, smart octopi, diving monkeys, creative fish and other intelligent animals.
Spy in the Ocean: Deep Feelings
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 01, 2023
Spy creatures explore animal emotions and the deep feelings we share. With surfing dolphins, kissing manatees and sensitive cuttlefish, witness the emotional rollercoaster of life in the sea.
Spy in the Ocean: Deep Relationships
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 08, 2023
Spy creatures uncover surprising undersea relationships as sharks befriend fish, whales play with dolphins, and lobsters do the conga in seas where even spider crabs have friends.
Spy in the Ocean: Deep Trouble
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 15, 2023
Spy creatures showcase the challenges of ocean life. From a baby whale in danger and marine iguanas battling storms, to a mantis shrimp’s knockout punch, the spies are never far from trouble.
Big Little Journeys: Home
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 10, 2024
In Canada, a walnut-sized turtle ventures through a forest of giants, dodging huge trucks along the highway. The newly hatched turtle is in search of the lake where she will spend the .. show full overview
Big Little Journeys: Survival
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 17, 2024
In Taiwan, a Formosan pangolin travels through a land of giants to find a mate in a protected forest. The lonely male encounters dangerous and strange characters along the way, from a .. show full overview
Big Little Journeys: Bloodlines
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 24, 2024
In Madagascar’s Kirindy Forest, a matchstick-sized chameleon goes on an epic journey through high trees and ground floors to find a mate and lay eggs before it’s too late. A water vole .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 31, 2024
Gabon’s Loango National Park is home to a group of western lowland gorillas that have become accustomed to biologists who have studied them for almost 20 years. This documentary presents .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 07, 2024
Shorebirds fly thousands of miles each year along ancient and largely unknown migratory routes called Flyways. Species travel from feeding grounds in the southern hemisphere to breeding .. show full overview
Attenborough and the Jurassic Sea Monster
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 14, 2024
Sir David Attenborough unearths a once in a lifetime discovery: the fossil of a giant Pliosaur, the largest Jurassic predator ever known. Follow a team of forensic experts on a perilous .. show full overview
Patrick and the Whale
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 21, 2024
For years, Patrick Dykstra has traveled the globe following and diving with whales, learning how whales see, hear and perceive other creatures in the water. In Dominica, Patrick has a .. show full overview
Raptors - A Fistful of Daggers: Meet the Raptors
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 10, 2024
From giant eagles to miniature falconets, meet the many species of raptors. Explore how they survive winters, learn to hunt, and undergo migrations. Their superpowers of flight, sight, hearing, and smell give them dominance over the skies.
Raptors - A Fistful of Daggers: Extreme Lives
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 17, 2024
See the extreme ways in which raptors conquer the toughest habitats on Earth. From snowy owls in the high Arctic to honey buzzards raiding hornet nests in Taiwan, raptors can hunt prey in any climate.
Grizzly 399: Queen of the Tetons
Episode overview
Air date
May 08, 2024
Known only by her research number, Grizzly 399 has been a fixture in Grand Teton National Park since 2007, becoming the world’s most famous grizzly bear. Now 399 is raising four new cubs .. show full overview
Saving the Animals of Ukraine
Episode overview
Air date
May 15, 2024
Ukrainian YouTuber Anton Ptushkin documents the work that Ukrainian citizens have done to rescue and care for the pets and zoo animals abandoned during the war. Before the invasion in .. show full overview
Wild Ireland: Kingdom of Stone
Episode overview
Air date
May 22, 2024
Ireland is renowned worldwide for its lush green landscapes and wild Atlantic coast, but one of its greatest natural treasures is a desert of grey stones called the Burren, which is home .. show full overview

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