Masters of Horror

  • Premiered: Oct 2005
  • Episodes: 26
  • Followers: 173
  • Ended
  • Showtime
  • Friday at 22
  • Drama Fantasy Horror


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Season 2
The Damned Thing
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 27, 2006
The Damned Thing is the apocalyptic tale of a mysterious creature that terrorizes a small Texas town.
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 03, 2006
A young couple moves into a new home only to find out that their neighbor, a seemingly normal man who works from home is not what he seems.
The V Word
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 10, 2006
A lone vampire punishes two teenage boys who make the poor decision to break into a mortuary.
Sounds Like
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 17, 2006
Based on a short story by Mike O’Driscoll. The story of Larry Pearce, an ordinary man blessed with gift/curse of extraordinary hearing that drives him to the brink of insanity, and .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 24, 2006
Pro-Life tells the story of a young girl trapped inside a clinic who discovers the only thing more dangerous than her pursuers is the demonic secret that she carries within her.
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 01, 2006
Pelts is an erotic tale about stolen raccoon pelts that take violent revenge on those who seek to wear them.
The Screwfly Solution
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 08, 2006
Deadly virus infects the nation, that turns men into psychotic killers who attack every woman they see. A housewife and her daughter try to survive this madness.
Valerie on the Stairs
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 29, 2006
Rob Hanisee is a writer that has a strange apparition. Beautiful, naked and mysterious, Valerie might be the muse that Rob has always searched for - or the manifestation of a much darker .. show full overview
Right to Die
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 05, 2007
Her flesh has been burned and her body remains in coma but from a medical perspective, Abby is still alive. Her husband Cliff is determined to get a court order to stop her pain. But .. show full overview
We All Scream for Ice Cream
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 12, 2007
A long time ago, a prank by a gang of kids known as the West End Bunch went wrong. Now grown up and a parent himself, former West-Ender Layne Banixter witnesses the friends of his youth .. show full overview
The Black Cat
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 19, 2007
Edgar Allan Poe is a writer out of ideas and short on cash that's followed by a black cat that will destroy his life or help him to write one of his most famous stories.
The Washingtonians
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 26, 2007
After his grandmother's funeral, Mike finds out an artifact in her basement could re-write the history of our nation. There are clues that suggest George Washington was in fact a .. show full overview
2x13 Show finale
Dream Cruise
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 02, 2007
Jack, an American lawyer working in Tokyo, has fallen in love with the wife of his most valued client, Eiji. Despite Jack's deep-rooted fear of the sea, he reluctantly accepts Eiji's .. show full overview

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