Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

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  • Premiered: Jun 2018
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Season 2 Discuss
Restless Energy
Air date
Apr 04, 2019
Now living very different lives, Tyrone and Tandy try to stay under the wire while still honing their powers. After coming to terms with their destiny, the two now find it difficult to .. show full overview
White Lines
Air date
Apr 04, 2019
Desperate to help, but only finding they cause more problems than solving them, Tyrone and Tandy continue to struggle with their situation. What is the point of having superpowers if you only seem to make things worse?
Shadow Selves
Air date
Apr 11, 2019
After learning about a group of young girls who have gone missing, Tandy and Tyrone look to see if they can find out what has happened to them. As they get further into their .. show full overview
Rabbit Hold
Air date
Apr 18, 2019
Still on her quest to find out more about the sex trafficking ring, Tandy takes a dangerous trip to find Mayhem, who may have the answers she is looking for. Meanwhile, Tyrone’s past actions catch up to him and put Adina in harm’s way.
Alignment Chart
Air date
Apr 25, 2019
Tyrone is faced with a hard decision when presented with an opportunity to clear his name from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Tandy is letting her anger get the best of her as she .. show full overview
B Sides
Air date
May 02, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Vikingtown Sound
Air date
May 09, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Blue Note
Air date
May 16, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Two Player
Air date
May 23, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Level Up
Air date
May 30, 2019
This episode has no summary.

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