Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge

  • Premiered: Sep 1994
  • Episodes: 7
  • Followers: 36
  • Ended
  • BBC Two
  • Friday at 22
  • Comedy Talk show


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Season 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 16, 1994
In this episode, Alan met the boring showjumper Sue Lewis who refused to jump on a horse on the hard studio floor. The horse then defecated on the floor. Alan then spoke to the brash new .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 23, 1994
Alan met the new agony aunt for the soft porn magazine, Playboy. He found her very sexy until he realised that she was a man who had had a sex change. He then met the magician Tony .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 30, 1994
In this edition, Alan sang a duet with the American singing sensation, Gina Langland. She grossly annoyed him by thinking his name was Alec. He then met the celebrity publicist Laurence .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 07, 1994
In this episode, supposedly from Paris, Alan is given a French co-host, Nina Varnier who annoys Alan with her knowledge of the English language and international culture. They both meet .. show full overview
Episode 5
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 14, 1994
On this show, Alan was forced to reinstate Glen Ponder after legal action was threatened; he irritated the boxing promoter, Terry Norton, by constantly referring to an incident which .. show full overview
Episode 6
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 21, 1994
In this series finale, Alan dances with the Alan Partridge playmates- a group of women wearing skirts, blazers and Alan Partridge masks. He then meets the child actors, Scott and Dean .. show full overview
1x7 Show finale
Knowing Me Knowing Yule
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 29, 1995
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