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  • Premiered: Mar 1967
  • Episodes: 197
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Season 8 Discuss
Raise the Devil (1)
Air date
Sep 12, 1974
A woman is killed in a locked room, and her daughter Susan confesses to the murder after apparently becoming possessed by the spirit of her long-dead younger brother. The Chief enlists a .. show full overview
Raise the Devil (2)
Air date
Sep 19, 1974
The Chief links his case with a psychiatrist, who turns out to be a psychopath with a passion for brainwashing. Before he can get his evidence together, however, Fran is taken as the .. show full overview
What's New with Mark?
Air date
Sep 26, 1974
Mark and his girlfriend come across a murder whilst on a date, but decide to defend the killer when it transpires that he acted in self defence. During the case the pair get married, and Ed decides to move in with the Chief in Mark's place.
Trial by Terror
Air date
Oct 03, 1974
A woman reluctantly turns to Ironside for protection after she witnesses the murder of her father, a man who was set to testify in the trial of a drug kingpin.
Cross Doublecross
Air date
Oct 10, 1974
When somebody takes pot shots at Fran's hot-headed cop boyfriend, he soon comes under suspicion for a handful of assaults and two murders. All the trouble seems to be linked back to a .. show full overview
Set Up: Danger!
Air date
Oct 24, 1974
When Ed returns from a holiday he finds the Chief missing, and a series of obscure clues pointing to the suggestion that he has been kidnapped. In truth Ironside has been waylaid by an .. show full overview
The Lost Cotillion
Air date
Oct 31, 1974
A series of murders appear to be connected to an old friend of the Chief's, an ageing woman from San Francisco's old rich set; and when the murders are linked to her debutante's ball and .. show full overview
Run Scared
Air date
Nov 07, 1974
The Chief's god-daughter witnesses a murder whilst performing in a street-side harlequin show. On the run from the murderer, she and her boyfriend remain one jump ahead of Ironside's .. show full overview
Act of Vengeance
Air date
Nov 14, 1974
A convict awaiting parole hears that his son has been shot dead following a clash with a rival teenage gang. Although eager for vengeance he has another son to think about, and the Chief .. show full overview
Far Side of the Fence
Air date
Nov 21, 1974
After the killing of one of his men, gangland boss Lew Parker puts out a contract on Ironside, which the undercover Ed is forced to pick up. Unable to contact the rest of the team Ed has .. show full overview
The Over-the-Hill Blues
Air date
Dec 05, 1974
Peter Justin, a gentleman jewel thief and old adversary of the Chief's, returns from a five year stretch in San Quentin and is soon back to his old life. When a protégé frames him for .. show full overview
Speak No Evil
Air date
Dec 12, 1974
A friend of Ed's becomes the target of an assassin, but cannot shed any light on the reasons for the attempt on his life. When Ed discovers that his friend is a priest, prevented from .. show full overview
Fall of an Angel
Air date
Dec 19, 1974
A retired assassin kills the son of a mob chief, and tries to escape town after anonymously leaving his own young son in the care of Chief Ironside. The Chief soon puts two and two .. show full overview
The Visiting Fireman
Air date
Dec 26, 1974
A British police inspector visits San Francisco for a conference, and whilst there assists his old friend Chief Ironside with an awkward investigation. It soon appears, however, that he .. show full overview
The Return of Eleanor Rogers
Air date
Jan 02, 1975
Ed befriends the daughter of the judge presiding over his latest case, only for the girl to come to him in fear for her father's life. It seems she is overreacting to a series of .. show full overview
8x16 Show finale
The Faded Image
Air date
Jan 16, 1975
Ed befriends the daughter of the judge presiding over his latest case, only for the girl to come to him in fear for her father's life. It seems she is overreacting to a series of .. show full overview

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