• Premiered: Jan 2005
  • Episodes: 52
  • Followers: 28
  • Ended
  • BBC Three
  • Tuesday at 22
  • Comedy


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Season 7
The Police
Episode overview
Air date
May 26, 2011
Moz plots to win back the heart of his true love, Jenny. However, when he discovers she has joined the police force, his plans are thrown into disarray.
The Debtors
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 02, 2011
A penniless Moz calls in his debts. However, his mates seem very reluctant to pay him back. Jess falls under the spell of masked hit man Cartoon Head.
The Brothel
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 09, 2011
Moz and Nicki begin a rival hash dealing businesses but a price war starts with both businesses attempting to undercut each other. Brian and Carmel open up a brothel.
The Paintings
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 16, 2011
Mistakenly believing Moz to be an avant garde artist, Tilly arranges for him have an exhibition. Jess and Cartoon Head experiment with ketamine and find themselves way out of their depth.
The Love
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 23, 2011
Sitcom about a small-time drug dealer. Moz tries to turn his friendship with Tilly into a full-blown relationship. Colin hires his estranged wife Carmel as an escort girl.
7x6 Show finale
The Red King
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 30, 2011
Moz comes face to face with a gang of deadly gingers known as the Red Mist. Carmel has to choose between Colin and Jake, whilst Yasuko leaves Derrick for Fist. With special guests Rula Lenska and Janet Street Porter.

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