Hell on Wheels

  • Premiered: Nov 2011
  • Episodes: 57
  • Followers: 3155
  • Ended
  • AMC
  • Saturday at 21
  • Action Adventure Drama Western


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Season 5
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 18, 2015
Cullen is in California with the Central Pacific Railroad, and must deal with the new workers.
Mei Mei
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 25, 2015
Cullen and Fong find themselves in peril as they transport a locomotive over the Sierra Nevada mountains. The Swede gains Phineas' trust.
White Justice
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 01, 2015
Cullen contends with violence in Chinatown set off by disgruntled railroad workers. Meanwhile, the Swede manipulates Phineas in his plot against the Mormons.
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 08, 2015
Cullen solves a Chinese labor strike in the wake of violence. Meanwhile, Durant pulls Mickey deeper into Union Pacific business.
Elixir of Life
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 15, 2015
Unexpected violence erupts in Chinatown during the festival of Tin Hau Don; Cullen confronts the Swede; and Durant involves Maggie in his latest scheme.
Hungry Ghosts
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 22, 2015
Cullen and Mei escort precious cargo through the California wilderness; Eva nurses Louise back to health.
False Prophets
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 29, 2015
Cullen and Durant meet with President Grant to discuss the future of the railroad; the Swede puts his plan against the Mormons in action.
Two Soldiers
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 11, 2016
The Swede's murderous rampage on the Hatch homestead results in a long overdue showdown with Cullen.
Return to the Garden
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 18, 2016
Cullen faces life-changing decisions in Utah as Truckee adapts to life without him.
61 Degrees
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 25, 2016
Cullen's nitroglycerin experiment provides an explosive backdrop for the railroad life in Truckee. Durant's plan turns deadly.
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 02, 2016
Durant's plot to ransom himself takes an unexpected turn when Campbell arrives in town with the Cavalry to coordinate a rescue operation.
Any Sum Within Reason
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 09, 2016
Chang force Mei to leave Truckee after discovering her secret; Cullen exorcises some old demons during his search.
Railroad Men
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 16, 2016
The race to finish the railroad comes down to inches, forcing all parties to contemplate the end of the line, and what the future holds for them.
5x14 Show finale
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 23, 2016
The golden spike, government hearings and unpredictable actions mean new beginnings and endings for the survivors.

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