Early Edition

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  • Premiered: Sep 1996
  • Episodes: 90
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Season 4 Discuss
The Out-of-Towner
Air date
Sep 25, 1999
Gary meets a man, Sam Cooper, that also receives tomorrow's paper (the New York Daily). However, unlike Gary, Sam hires others to complete the rescues and uses the paper's knowledge to make money.
Duck Day Afternoon
Air date
Oct 02, 1999
In an effort to avoid spending time with his parents, Gary races off to save a group of ducks and draws the attention of inquisitive Sun Times photojournalist, Miguel Diaz. When Gary .. show full overview
Take Me out to the Ballgame
Air date
Oct 09, 1999
After Gary reads that Pedro Mendoza, a rookie pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, is going to pitch a no-hitter. Chuck convinces him to attend the game. But when Chuck inadvertently changes .. show full overview
The Iceman Taketh
Air date
Oct 16, 1999
As Brigatti carries out her plan to entice the thief with an expensive diamond pendant, her relationship with Gary grows more personal since they are forced to spend several days and .. show full overview
Camera Shy
Air date
Oct 23, 1999
While covering the opening of a local pickle factory, Miguel winds up in the middle of one of Gary's saves, when he falls head first into a barrel of kosher dills. After Miguel's pickled .. show full overview
Wild Card
Air date
Oct 30, 1999
While struggling to find a way to tell his boss that he's leaving McGinty's for good, Patrick thoroughly frustrates Gary by following him around all day and triggering a host of .. show full overview
Fatal Edition (1)
Air date
Nov 06, 1999
When Frank Scanlon, a Chicago Sun Times columnist famous for his exposes, meets Gary during one of his daily saves, Gary piques the interest of the reporter, who believes that the .. show full overview
Fatal Edition (2)
Air date
Nov 13, 1999
When Gary's own investigation leads him to one of Scanlon's informants, he learns that at the time of Scanlon's death, the reporter was about to break a story on a murder-for-hire ring. .. show full overview
Air date
Nov 20, 1999
With Gary as her guide, Rebecca becomes renowned for her accurate forecasts, until the paper shows up at his doorstep one morning without a trace of the next day's weather. Searching for .. show full overview
Run, Gary, Run
Air date
Dec 18, 1999
When Gary ignores Marissa's repeated requests to help her manage the workload at McGinty's, the paper plays a dangerous trick on him: he reads that his friend will be struck and killed .. show full overview
Air date
Feb 19, 2000
Although Crumb cautions Gary that Rose may appear sweet and innocent but is probably trouble, Gary ignores his warning, even when evidence surfaces that she has a criminal record. When .. show full overview
Snow Angels
Air date
Feb 26, 2000
While out in the snow, Gary encounters two men, Earl Camby, a reformed criminal who now devotes his life to helping those less fortunate than himself, and Cliff Mourning, a sleazy motel .. show full overview
Air date
Mar 04, 2000
After saving a playmate of Nikki's and then preventing her from being injured in a school bus accident, Gary meets the tough-talking 13-year-old and learns that she also knew about the .. show full overview
Performance Anxiety
Air date
Mar 11, 2000
The former recipient of the New York paper decides to relinquish his duties by turning over the next day's news to his friend Clams, but the paper suddenly stops coming after Clams meets .. show full overview
False Witness
Air date
Mar 25, 2000
While stealing cars for a chop shop, Jose (Joey) encounters Gary, who is brought in by police to ID the teenager in a criminal lineup. When Gary realizes that Joey is Miguel's little .. show full overview
The Play's the Thing
Air date
Apr 08, 2000
While at the theater, Gary runs into his old friend, ex-Chicago police detective Marion Crumb, who joined the Shakespearean troupe after the play's director, Bonnie Rousseau, convinced .. show full overview
Blind Faith
Air date
Apr 22, 2000
Gary loses his sight while he is trying to prevent three teens from being blown up by an old cannon ball. While at the hospital, Gary meets a yong kid named Nate Calvin, whose mother is .. show full overview
Occasionally Amber
Air date
Apr 29, 2000
When Chuck returns to Chicago to get married, Gary recognizes Chuck's bride as Amber, a jewel thief. She is now calling herself Jade. Gary confides in Marissa who tells him that he must .. show full overview
Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter
Air date
May 06, 2000
Gary must keep rescuing an accountant who is determined to become a bounty hunter.
Air date
May 13, 2000
Gary finds out why he was chosen to receive the paper.
Everybody Goes to Rick's
Air date
May 20, 2000
Gary travels back in time to 1929, and is the proprietor of a speakeasy at the location where McGinty's is currently located. He must try to prevent the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
4x22 Show finale
Luck o' the Irish
Air date
May 27, 2000
A young Irish woman loses her chance at a million dollar lottery when Gary swipes her dollar that she was going to buy the winning ticket with. To repay her he ends up caught up in a .. show full overview

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