Drain the Oceans

  • Premiered: May 2018
  • Episodes: 68
  • Followers: 21
  • Running
  • National Geographic
  • Monday at 21
  • Documentary History Mystery


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Season 6
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 05, 2023
Draining Alaskas extreme north reveals the graveyard of a tragic fleet.
Rise of the Mob
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 12, 2023
Lost wrecks reveal how the Mob gained power and wealth in 1920s America.
Secrets of the Dinosaurs
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 19, 2023
From Patagonia to Canada, paleontologists uncover the Real Jurassic Americas.
The Myth of the Pacific Pirate Ship
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 26, 2023
Fragments of porcelain and blocks of beeswax lead to a 250-year-old shipwreck and a forgotten trade route of vast cargo ships in the Pacific.
Invasion USA
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 02, 2023
A US flagship wreck reveals the British burning of the White House in 1814.
$20 Million Time Bomb
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 09, 2023
A bomb, murder, and a foiled multi-million insurance scam on the high seas.

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