• Premiered: Sep 1981
  • Episodes: 89
  • Followers: 14
  • Ended
  • ITV
  • Unknown
  • Animation Children Comedy Family Science-fiction


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Season 10
Crumhorn Strikes Back!
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 06, 1992
Professor Crumhorn returns and uses his transformation pills to turn himself into a little girl in an attempt to get Danger Mouse to break into Fort Knox.
Ants, Trees and...Whoops-a-Daisy
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 13, 1992
Just when Penfold should be meeting his Aunt and the airport, he and Danger Mouse are sent to the Amazon jungle where a tribe have been sacrificing people to The Great Ant God from .. show full overview
There's a Penfold in My Suit
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 20, 1992
Penfold puts on Danger Mouse's suit and can't get out. From then on everyone thinks he is Danger Mouse. Later, DM and Penfold go to Bratislavakia to find out why all the countries of .. show full overview
Rhyme and Punishment
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 27, 1992
Dr Crumhorn ""Ka-zonks"" DM and Penfold into a hallucinatory world in an attempt to drive them crazy.
Pillow Fright!
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 05, 1992
Greenback attempts to take over England with his latest invention...an army of remote control, allergy causing pillows.
Heavy Duty
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 12, 1992
Crumhorn invents a chemical that allows him to create land sharks to terrorize London. Things get even more complicated when Penfold gets into the formula.
10x7 Show finale
The Intergalactic 147
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 19, 1992
A giant spaceship is spotted heading for Earth. It's part of the ""Intergalactic 147"" snooker game and it wants to put the Earth into a black hole.

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