Boston Legal

  • Premiered: Oct 2004
  • Episodes: 101
  • Followers: 915
  • Ended
  • ABC (US)
  • Unknown
  • Comedy Crime Drama


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Season 5
Smoke Signals
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 22, 2008
Bethany Horowitz asks Alan Shore to help her out with a case against a large tobacco company. But when it turns out that the defense attorney is Phoebe Prentice, an old flame of Alan's, .. show full overview
Guardians and Gatekeepers
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 29, 2008
After Denny Crane almost dies from toxic shock due to his unintended misuse of an arsenal of prescription drugs, Alan Shore takes on a pharmaceutical company for employing deceptive .. show full overview
Dances with Wolves
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 06, 2008
Denny Crane is arrested yet again for carrying a concealed firearm after he shoots a man in self defense who's attempting to mug him and Jerry Espenson. Meanwhile, Alan Shore fights for .. show full overview
True Love
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 13, 2008
Alan Shore is called upon by ex-flame Phoebe Prentice to prove her husband's innocence in the murder of a nurse. But deep down, Alan's unrequited love for Phoebe makes him hope that her husband is guilty so that they can rekindle their relationship.
The Bad Seed
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 20, 2008
Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt take on the armed forces when a man's brother dies in a local military hospital due to malpractice. But a friendly wager Denny Crane makes with Alan .. show full overview
Happy Trails
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 27, 2008
Alan Shore and Denny Crane take a breather from the office and saddle up at a Dude Ranch in Utah. But the two city slickers soon find themselves at odds with their fellow horse .. show full overview
Mad Cows
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 03, 2008
Alan Shore and Denny Crane sue the government when cattle rancher Carol Hober who accuses the USDA of not allowing her to test all of her cows for Mad Cow Disease, an affliction that's .. show full overview
Air date
Nov 10, 2008
Jerry Espenson insists on defending himself in court when he's accused of aggravated assault after a run-in with a bully. Meanwhile, Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt try to help an underaged pregnant girl obtain a judicial by-pass for an abortion.
Kill, Baby, Kill
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 17, 2008
Alan and Shirley defend a woman who claims she was fired for voting for McCain while Carl and Denny defend a prison guard who, when an execution goes horribly awry and the prisoner is .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 24, 2008
Shirley hosts an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner for Carl, Denny, Alan, Katie and Jerry, joined by alumna Edwin Poole and his foster son and, surprisingly, Melvin Palmer (he's a hoot!). As .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 01, 2008
After Denny learns some disturbing news about the progression of his Alzheimer's disease and that an experimental drug might help, Alan tries to convince the Massachusetts Supreme Court .. show full overview
Made in China (1)
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 08, 2008
Part 1 of the series finale. Shirley seeks an injunction to prevent a Chinese company from buying out Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Denny gets arrested for breaking into a neighbor's home.
5x13 Show finale
Last Call (2)
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 08, 2008
Part 2 of the series finale. Shirley's dream of a church wedding doesn't turn out as she planned. Instead, she and Carl say their "I do's" on a dock at Nimmo Bay, along with another couple in a very special double ceremony.

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