Arthur of the Britons

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  • Premiered: Dec 1972
  • Episodes: 24
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  • ITV
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  • Adventure Children Drama Fantasy


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Season 2
The Swordsman
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 12, 1973
Mordred tricks Arthur into a fight with Karn, who proves to be a more deadly swordsman than Arthur foresaw.
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 19, 1973
Arthur and Kai need better horses, and Yorath the Jute has what they want. The two young warriors agree to give payment in kind, by escorting Yorath's daughter Rowena to her wedding with a distant chieftain.
The Prisoner
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 26, 1973
Roland, a childhood friend of Kai's, arrives on Arthur's territory, and Kai's loyalty to Arthur and the Britons is seen to be tested - as Roland is another Saxon.
Some Saxon Women
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 03, 1973
Yorath the Jute trades with a travelling merchant, exchanging a barrel of good wine for five Saxon wenches - with unforeseen consequences.
Go Warily
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 10, 1973
Arthur has problems with a pair of identical twins of very different characters.Meanwhile, Llud is troubled by dreams of a gigantic enemy warrior.
The Marriage Feast
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 17, 1973
Arthur is in love with Rowena, but she is promised to his cousin Mark of Cornwall. Arthur must find a way to stop the wedding from going ahead.
In Common Cause
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 24, 1973
Arthur considers sharing resources with his Saxon enemies when their livestock suffers from a plague.
Six Measures of Silver
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 31, 1973
Arthur sets out to punish Kurk, a troublesome Saxon thief, when Kurk sells stolen cattle to Rowena of the Jutes.
Daughter of the King
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 07, 1973
Arthur is having a lot of trouble with the murderous King Bavick. To get some leverage in controlling the King's wicked ways, Arthur kidnaps Bavick's daughter - but his plan does not turn out quite as he intended.
The Games
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 14, 1973
The annual inter-tribal games are a chance for warriors to show what they can do in the field, but as they approach Arthur learns that Herrick and Barth are plotting to disrupt the games for their own ends.
The Treaty
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 21, 1973
A treaty with Cerdig appears to be bringing about Arthur's dream of peace among the tribes, but suspicion arises anew when one of Cerdig's men wants to host a friendly gathering.
2x12 Show finale
The Girl From Rome
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 28, 1973
When a haughty Roman princess seeks refuge from her father in Arthur's camp, he could be in for big trouble with a new enemy.

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