Absolute Power

  • Premiered: Nov 2003
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 11
  • Ended
  • BBC Two
  • Unknown
  • Comedy


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Season 2
Identity Crisis
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 21, 2005
The staff of Prentiss MacCabe are worried their phones are being bugged. Charles and Martin have a meeting with their client, the home secretary. The government want to introduce the unpopular identity card and are in desperate need of a PR agency.
The Trial
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 28, 2005
Poor Charles finds himself in the dock, after one of Prentis MaCabe's old clients has a fit of conscience and decides to do the worst thing a client can do. He tells the truth about one of Charles' lies, after becoming a christian and repenting.
Blood Bank
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 04, 2005
The team at Prentis McCabe assume thet Charles is in jail for another month, so they prepare to tackle their new client , Artist, Dean Wheelwright (Richard Katz). It is their job to get .. show full overview
The Nation's Favourite
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 11, 2005
The firm of Prentiss McCabe are over the moon to hear that Jamie has got them a new Oil sheik client, who wants to buy British Airways. That is until Jamie tells them the client's family .. show full overview
Spinning America
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 18, 2005
Charles and Martin are engaged by the US Ambassador to reverse the UK's growing hatred of all things American. Meanwhile, Jamie and Alison endeavor to help Peter Harrow, a long-standing .. show full overview
2x6 Show finale
The House of Lords
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 25, 2005
The staff at Prentiss McCabe are split into two teams to tackle both sides of the same issue: the future of the House of Lords. Charles' services are engaged by a Downing Street aide to .. show full overview

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