Ana Paula Arósio

(48 years old)

Born: July 16th, 1975

Place of birth: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Death: -

Ana Paula Arósio is a rural producer, former actress and Brazilian model. Having acted in telenovelas, theater plays and films, she has won several awards, including three Press Trophies (in the Revelation of the Year category, as Hilda in Hilda Hurricane, in 1998; in the Best Actress category, as the Italian "Giuliana" in Terra Nostra , in 1999; and also as Best Actress for the Jewish "Camille" in Esperança, in 2002), an APCA Award, a Quality Brazil Award and an Extra Award, in addition to having received a nomination for the Guarani Film Award. She is known for her work on television and for the commercials of the company Embratel, for which she was a poster girl between the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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