Rosario Dawson, Britney Spears (1x8)

Season finale

Air date: May 05, 2003

Segment #1 – Rosario Dawson is taken for a ride when she is duped into thinking her limo hit a pedestrian. Segment #2 – Originally, Britney Spears was going to punk Busta Rhymes, and Ashton had an agreement with her that he could not punk her. When they realised they couldn't punk Busta, Britney and the Punk'd crew decide to punk Ashton. Ashton lets Britney know he knows what's going down, and they turn the tables on the Punk'd crew. Segment #3 – The Punk'd crew is rude to NFL players during a golf tournament. Featuring Jerome Bettis (Pittsburgh Steelers*), Jeff Garcia (49ers*), Rod Smith (Denver Broncos*), Dax Shepard and Jeff Goldberg (Punk'd Co-creator) * Correct when the episode was filmed

  • Premiered: Mar 2003
  • Episodes: 114
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