The Mighty Boosh

  • Premieret: Maj 2004
  • Afsnit: 20
  • Følgere: 290
  • Slut
  • BBC Three
  • Torsdag på 22
  • Comedy Fantasy Musical


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Sæsoner 2
Call of the Yeti
Episode overview
Jul 25, 2005
Howard takes Vince, Naboo and Bollo on a weekend holiday to a cabin in the woods, owned by a yokel, Kodiak Jack. Naboo and Bollo, bored by the prospect of a lecture from Howard, go .. show full overview
The Priest & the Beast
Episode overview
Aug 02, 2005
Howard and Vince are up late, struggling to find a new musical direction in order to get signed the next morning by Pie Face Records. To inspire them, Naboo tells them the story of Rudy .. show full overview
Episode overview
Aug 09, 2005
Vince offers Howard the chance to spend the night with two goth girls, Anthrax and Ebola, under the agreement that he dresses like a goth. It transpires Vince drunkenly bragged to the .. show full overview
Fountain of Youth
Episode overview
Aug 16, 2005
Howard has an age crisis after being heckled at a gig of he and Vince's. After hearing from Bollo about the Fountain of Youth on Naboo's home planet Xooberon, Howard and Vince steal his .. show full overview
The Legend of Old Gregg
Episode overview
Aug 23, 2005
After a bad gig, Howard and Vince travel to a village in Scotland called Black Lake to take a break. At the pub, they get the idea of going fishing; which Vince seems instantly .. show full overview
2x6 Sæsonafslutning
The Nightmare of Milky Joe
Episode overview
Aug 30, 2005
Howard and Vince plan to travel to America to perform on the Pie Face Showcase. Due to Howard's fear of flying, they travel by boat, but are thrown overboard and stranded on a desert .. show full overview

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