The Equalizer (2021)

  • Premieret: Feb 2021
  • Afsnit: 46
  • Følgere: 456
  • Kørende
  • CBS
  • Søndag på 20
  • Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller


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Sæsoner 3
Episode overview
Okt 02, 2022
In the aftermath of her abduction, the walls between McCall’s family and vigilante life continue to crumble as those closest to her must come together for the first time to save her.
Where There's Smoke
Episode overview
Okt 09, 2022
The team helps an NYFD firefighter’s daughter when her father suddenly goes missing. Also, Aunt Vi and Delilah continue to cope after McCall’s abduction.
Episode overview
Okt 16, 2022
When a widowed single mother claims her dead husband is attempting to kill her from beyond the grave, McCall and the team help uncover the truth.
One Percenters
Episode overview
Okt 23, 2022
A local motorcycle club seeks McCall and the team’s help in keeping a member out of prison by proving the illegal guns found in his van were planted. Meanwhile, Delilah’s father, Miles, insists on knowing the truth about McCall’s work.
Episode overview
Nov 13, 2022
When a smuggler being detained by the CIA must be transferred quickly to a secure debriefing site, McCall works with Carter Griffin to ensure he arrives unharmed. Also, Dante deals with the possibility of his father being released from prison.
A Time to Kill
Episode overview
Nov 20, 2022
After a teen girl dies from fentanyl-laced pills, a vigilante goes on a killing spree and McCall becomes a suspect.
Paradise Lost
Episode overview
Nov 27, 2022
After Misty, a superstar singer deciding to retire, receives a terrifying fan letter, her head of security hires McCall to track down the culprit.
He Ain't Heavy
Episode overview
Feb 19, 2023
Mel engages in a tense family reunion when she and her disapproving sister race against the clock to save their brother Edison after he’s abducted. Also, as the team unravels the .. show full overview
Second Chance
Episode overview
Feb 26, 2023
McCall and Dante’s relationship is tested when a conman the NYPD has been building a years-long case against kidnaps a relative of McCall’s client and forces him to assist in a heist in order to save them.
Do No Harm
Episode overview
Mar 05, 2023
When the mother of a patient dying of a rare brain disease holds a hospital hostage in an attempt to get her daughter a lifesaving surgery, McCall races to resolve the situation peacefully while dealing with pushback from government forces.
Never Again
Episode overview
Mar 12, 2023
After a string of antisemitic hate crimes terrorizes a local community, Harry reconnects with his Jewish faith as he leads the team in finding the culprit before they attack again. Also, .. show full overview
Lost and Found
Episode overview
Mar 19, 2023
When a man claiming to have lost his memory wakes up behind a dumpster with a gun in his hand, McCall and the team follow a trail of clues to help uncover his whereabouts the night before.
Patriot Game
Episode overview
Mar 26, 2023
After an operative kills all but one of the employees at a marine biology research group, McCall and the team join forces with Colton Fisk when they discover a connection between the murders and a secret CIA program he was involved in.
No Good Deed
Episode overview
Apr 16, 2023
When a Venezuelan migrant is accused of murdering a prominent congresswoman whom he and his wife were staying with, McCall and the team work to uncover whether or not he was involved. .. show full overview
No Way Out
Episode overview
Apr 23, 2023
Aunt Vi enlists the help of McCall and the team when she realizes her masseuse is a victim of domestic abuse. Also, McCall trains Dee on situational awareness and Dante goes against orders by chasing after the man who shot his friend Manny.
Love Hurts
Episode overview
Maj 07, 2023
When Fisk tasks McCall with tracking down an ex-MI6 agent In Paris with whom she had a past relationship, she must convince him to help her track down a crucial document that his friend .. show full overview
Episode overview
Maj 14, 2023
When a note McCall receives leads her to the location of her late father’s car, she must revisit the past to uncover who was behind his carjacking and murder nearly 30 years prior.
3x18 Sæsonafslutning
Eye for an Eye
Episode overview
Maj 21, 2023
The team is put into harm’s way when McCall’s former CIA colleague is found alive and sets her sights on revenge by attempting to abduct Dante, Harry and Mel. Also, Aunt Vi and Delilah .. show full overview

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