• Score 7.7
  • Premieret: Jan 1997
  • Episodes: 18
  • Followers: 57
  • Rank #3284
  • Ended
  • HBO
  • Unknown


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Season 2 Discuss
Home, Bitter Home
Maj 15, 1998
Where do the dead belong in the world of the living? For this newest Spawn, moments of peace never come. Winter. Memories of his life as Al Simmons continue to haunt Spawn as more and .. show full overview
Access Denied
Maj 22, 1998
Spawn is tortured, and tormented by relentless dreams of Terry sleeping with Wanda. Nightmares where the two of them are happy to be rid of Al Simmons, happy that he's dead. They are the .. show full overview
Colors of Blood
Maj 29, 1998
Wynn's search for the missing Terry Fitzgerald continues. He sits and meets with Wanda, while outside Merrick and a team of killers waits to ambush Terry when he arrives home. Terry .. show full overview
Send in the KKKlowns
Jun 05, 1998
A sick and twisted killer who answers to the master, Malebolgia is on a mission of death. The killer is stalking the city in search of minorities and murdering them in the name of .. show full overview
Jun 12, 1998
Jason Wynn is spooked. Some outside force is tampering with his business. He tells Merrick to hire agents outside the agency to track Terry Fitzgerald. Merrick wants to do it herself, .. show full overview
2x6 Sæsonafslutning
Jun 19, 1998
Now, it is Jason Wynn who is the haunted man. His schemes are crumbling. His sleep is an endless series of nightmarish visions. He is convinced that he is being called by an evil force .. show full overview

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