Shark Tank

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Season 7 Discuss
Season 7 Premiere: Guest Shark Ashton Kutcher, The Beebo, ACTON, McClary Bros., SignalVault
Sep 25, 2015
Guest shark Ashton Kutcher shows interest in a device to make baby's feeding time easier; two men skate into the Tank with some high-tech wearable transportation; a culinary student .. show full overview
O'Dang Hummus, Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions, LOLIWARE, Splikity
Okt 02, 2015
A recent college graduate has a twist on the traditional hummus; a passionate aesthetician pitches her eyelash extensions business; two friends believe their edible cups are a delicious .. show full overview
Guest Shark Troy Carter, Foot Cardigan, Two Guys Bow Ties, ValPark, Nerdwax
Okt 09, 2015
Guest shark Troy Carter; a sock-of-the-month club; wooden bow ties, lapel accessories and fedoras; a valet and garage parking app; a balm that stops eyeglasses from slipping; an update on some of Kevin O'Leary's previous deals.
Table 87, EZPeeZ, milk and brookies, DUDE Products
Okt 16, 2015
A device that helps simplify potty-training; a baked-to-order brownies & cookies mashup. Also, an update on the Roominate inspirational toy business, which Mark Cuban invested in during Season 6.
Switch Witch, Three Jerks Jerky, The Skinny Mirror, xCraft
Okt 23, 2015
The Sharks start bidding more than the asking price for a product; a pitch prompts a harsh brush-off; managing excess Halloween candy with a children's book and gifts; premium beef jerky; a mirror designed to build self-esteem.
Rent Like a Champion, HotShot, Windcatcher, Stem Center USA
Okt 30, 2015
Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Sacca, joins the Tank as a Guest Shark. He finds himself in a heated battle with Lori over a tech education business; two sports fans have a home .. show full overview
Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo, Wink Frozen Desserts, Saavy Naturals, Clean Cube, Simply Fit Board
Nov 06, 2015
Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Rodriguez are back with some new ideas; a couple discovered ice cream with only 100 calories per pint; professional chefs present soaps and lotions you can .. show full overview
AfreSHeet, Unshrinkit, Grip Clean, PolarPro, and Sharks at the White House
Nov 13, 2015
This episode features all millennial entrepreneurs. A man has a product he believes is essential in every college dorm room; two Harvard grads transform shrunken sweaters back to their .. show full overview
National Association of Bubble Soccer, Umano, Brazi Bites, SockTABS
Nov 20, 2015
When an entrepreneur brings in a new recreational sport to the tank, the sharks get a chance to suit up and ram into each other with reckless abandon; two brothers designed a fashion .. show full overview
Leaux Racing Trikes, Glow Recipe, Sarah Oliver Handbags, Trunkster
Dec 04, 2015
An entrepreneur uses an unique labor force to create her product, the sharks go on a crazy ride when a college student brings a grown up version of a favorite childhood toy, and beauty .. show full overview
GeekMyTree, Beard Head, Lovepop, PiperWai
Dec 11, 2015
A Christmas-decorating aficionado has a high-tech way to deck the halls with animated glow balls and synchronized musical trees; an entrepreneur has whimsical knit hats, complete with .. show full overview
Extreme Sandbox, ABS Pancakes, Total Tie Keep, FireAvert
Jan 05, 2016
A father of three created a heavy-equipment adventure company that includes running a crane or crushing a car; a duo pitch a protein-filled pancake mix; A Secret Service agent has a .. show full overview
Spretz, ezpz, Hungry Harvest, Controlled Chaos
Jan 08, 2016
Three friends try to sell the sharks on a breath freshener that has dual uses; a woman seeks a huge valuation for a functional kid's placemat; and a 23-year-old man wants to fight hunger .. show full overview
Hatch Baby, Village Scholarships, Fixed, Beard King
Jan 15, 2016
Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Chris Sacca, returns to the Tank as a Guest Shark. A husband and wife team has a device for babies to stay on track and parents to stay sane; .. show full overview
Shefit, CO.ALITION, IcyBreeze, 2400 Expert
Jan 29, 2016
A college student who earned a perfect SAT score wants to expand his business to help others increase their test scores. Husband and wife exercise enthusiasts believe they have created .. show full overview
R. Riveter, BearTek, Major Mom, Combat Flip Flops
Feb 05, 2016
Veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs try to enlist the Sharks' investments. Two military spouses have built a handbag empire using upcycled military materials and piecework from .. show full overview
SmartPlate, Bee Free Honee, Float Baby, MTailor
Feb 12, 2016
An entrepreneur pitches a smart plate containing food-recognition technology that could solve all your dieting problems; two energetic women have created a sweetener that tastes like .. show full overview
Sworkit, Clean Sleep, TUTUblue, Nohbo
Feb 19, 2016
A 16-year-old environmentalist has an eco-friendly way to say goodbye to plastic bottles; a former soap star villainess wants the sharks to make a deal with her one-piece swimsuit that .. show full overview
Insta-Fire, Custard Stand, PRxPerformance, Rags to Raches
Feb 21, 2016
In this patriotic episode, entrepreneurs try to sell the Sharks on their made-in-America products. Two business partners believe they have created the perfect fire-starting solution; a .. show full overview
BetterBack, Glacé Cryotherapy, Linka, Teaspressa
Feb 26, 2016
A woman pitches a product that can relieve back pain; a brother and sister team have a cool way to reduce inflammation in the body; a mechanical engineer hopes to lock in a deal with his .. show full overview
MobCraft, Beloved Shirts, IllumiBowl, Innovation Pet
Mar 11, 2016
Two men put going to the bathroom at night in a whole new light when their motion-activated LED light is attached to the toilet bowl; two guys use 21st century technology and the power .. show full overview
Beer Blizzard, Vengo Labs, The Good Promise, Wondercide
Mar 18, 2016
A beer enthusiast duo presents a new way of keeping beer chilled; an entrepreneur and a former aerospace engineer aim to reinvent the vending machine; two animal lovers pitch natural bug .. show full overview
PrideBites, TROBO, NoPhone, Coolbox
Apr 08, 2016
Two former advertising guys try to sell the Sharks a cure for cell-phone addiction; emotions rise when entrepreneurs talk about the inspiration behind their wireless cuddly toy that .. show full overview
Petnostics, Frends, popSLATE, Slyde Handboards
Apr 15, 2016
A man has an innovative way to check your pet’s health with your phone, but an old-fashioned way to capture the specimen; an engaged couple hope to make a deal for their hand-held .. show full overview
Drip Drop, Jarrett & Raja, KidRunner, InchBug
Apr 22, 2016
Two high school freshmen pitch a tasty way to improve the ice cream cone; an entrepreneur presents a reinvented kid stroller with an athletic twist; a woman hopes to make the lives of .. show full overview
FashionTap, brellaBox, My Fruity Faces, Brightwheel
Apr 29, 2016
A developer incites a battle between two of the billionaire Sharks, as they fight to invest in his early education software platform. A fashion blogger hopes to win over the Sharks with .. show full overview
Dollop Gourmet, CreaProducts, Yourself Expression, The Spooner
Maj 06, 2016
An immigrant entrepreneur cuts her own hair in front of the Sharks to demonstrate her products; an award-winning baker hopes to sweeten the deal with her healthy ready-to-eat frosting; a .. show full overview
Camp No Counselors, Extreme Vehicle Protection, Gladiator Lacrosse, VPCABS
Maj 13, 2016
A former business analyst aims to bring back the nostalgic joy of sleep-away camp to adults; two business partners pitch a product that will protect your car from extreme weather .. show full overview
7x29 Sæsonafslutning
Pete & Pedro, PMS Bites, Felt, PavLok
Maj 20, 2016
A woman hopes the Sharks will make a deal for her chocolate treats that are perfect for women who want to satisfy cravings; a Season 4 entrepreneur returns for a second chance to pitch .. show full overview

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