Savage Builds

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  • Premieret: Jun 2019
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Season 1
Building Iron Man
Episode overview
Jun 14, 2019
Adam Savage teams up with a daredevil inventor to build an authentic Iron Man suit that flies and stops bullets just like Tony Stark's.
Wheel of Death
Episode overview
Jun 21, 2019
Adam Savage and a NASA engineer team up to build a rocket-propelled experimental superweapon that could have changed the course of World War II, and using cutting-edge tech, they try to make this notorious engineering failure an explosive success.
Mad Max Melee
Episode overview
Jun 28, 2019
Adam Savage and genius inventors team up to build a deadly fleet of junkyard vehicles that look straight out of Mad Max, and using scrapyard materials and wicked-smart engineering, they .. show full overview
Forging Excalibur
Episode overview
Jul 05, 2019
Adam Savage and a world-class swordsmith team up to forge King Arthur’s sword Excalibur, and their investigation could reveal if the legendary blade was made from iron brought to earth by an extraterrestrial visitor.
Nitro Explode-aganza
Episode overview
Jul 12, 2019
Adam and a demolition expert team up to test one of the most dangerous and explosive substances on the planet, and cutting-edge science and tech will reveal if nitroglycerine really deserves its notorious reputation.
Hollywood's Deadliest Weapon
Episode overview
Jul 19, 2019
Adam Savage teams up with Gary Oldman to build one of Hollywood’s deadliest weapons, the ZF1 Multi-Artillery Gun from The Fifth Element, a weapon so lethal that it features both a rocket launcher and a flamethrower.
Dogfight Derby
Episode overview
Jul 26, 2019
Adam Savage teams up with Peter Jackson to restore a fleet of fighter planes. Using cutting-edge technology, they stage a high-flying dogfight straight out of World War I.
1x8 Sæsonafslutning
Mega Food Fight
Episode overview
Jul 26, 2019
Adam Savage teams up with Tory Belleci to stage the world’s most epic food fight. Using the latest science and technology, they build a rapid-fire weapon that turns hot dogs into projectiles.

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