Dirty Jobs

  • Premieret: Jul 2005
  • Afsnit: 172
  • Følgere: 295
  • Kørende
  • Discovery
  • Søndag på 20
  • Documentary Reality


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Sæsoner 9
Rodbuster / Galvanizer
Episode overview
Jan 02, 2022
Mike installs rebar with a team of rodbusters, then he galvanizes steel.
Jellyballer / Epoxy Installer
Episode overview
Jan 09, 2022
Mike Rowe joins a fourth-generation fisherman's crew in Georgia as they harvest cannonball Jellyfish for food, a trade known as Jellyballing. Then Mike helps a father-son team install epoxy flooring at a restaurant in time for the dinner rush.
Tugboat Fitter / Water Tower
Episode overview
Jan 16, 2022
Mike visits a ship-building community in Coden, Ala., to learn the ins-and-outs of building a tugboat; he makes a long climb to the top of a dirty water tower in Magee, Miss., to clean inside the tank.
Rock Sucker / Mountain Carver
Episode overview
Jan 23, 2022
Mike sucks rocks off an industrial roof with a massive vacuum. He then travels to the Black Hills to carve the largest monument in the world: Crazy Horse. Both stories involve several generations working together to pass on their life's ambitions.
Escalator Maintainer / Scorpion Sweeper
Episode overview
Jan 30, 2022
Mike Rowe crams into a hockey arena's escalator where he scrapes and cleans a special kind of shmutz from the bottom. Then, he and a zoo keeper venture into the hot, treacherous Arizona desert at night to round up neurotoxic stinging scorpions.
Combat Surgeon / Iguana Hunter
Episode overview
Feb 06, 2022
Mike Rowe trains as a trauma surgeon using hyper-realistic scenarios and specialized equipment to learn under simulated battlefield conditions. He then controls an invasive mess of iguanas which are posing health risks to humans on the Florida coast.

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