• Premieret: Sep 2016
  • Afsnit: 8
  • Følgere: 133
  • Slut
  • ITV
  • Torsdag på 21
  • Crime Drama Mystery Suspense Thriller


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Sæsoner 1
Episode 1
Episode overview
Sep 22, 2016
When local GP Angela Benton is murdered in a children’s playground, detectives Bobby Day, Nina Suresh and Alec Wayfield embark on what appears to be a straightforward murder .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
Sep 29, 2016
The pressure mounts on the detectives to wrap up the case. However, Bobby, Nina and Alec uncover clues of their own that point to the murder being more than just a random attack. But .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
Okt 06, 2016
Alec is rescued from the water and has an unexpected visitor in hospital… Meanwhile, in Dusseldorf, Linda has a breakthrough and she starts to believe that Ruben Locana’s death wasn’t an .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
Okt 13, 2016
Bobby arrives in Dusseldorf to uncover the mystery surrounding Ruben Locana's death. Chasing a lead turns out to have catastrophic consequences for one of the detectives on the case.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Okt 20, 2016
Alec and Nina find themselves trading favours for information which has deadly repercussions. In Dusseldorf, Bobby and Linda come up against a cunning adversary.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Okt 27, 2016
Lucy reveals a secret past which devastates Bobby, while police in Germany and the UK make a breakthrough involving drug trials.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Nov 03, 2016
The net closes in around Dr Crowley. Fresh testimony helps the investigation - but reveals a secret from Linda's past.
1x8 Serieafslutning
Episode 8
Episode overview
Nov 10, 2016
The search is on to find the missing suspect. Linda and Walti revisit an old case in an attempt to gain the upper hand over Waingrow. After weeks of speculation, the events surrounding Angela's murder are finally revealed.

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