Kitchen Nightmares (US)

  • Premieret: Sep 2007
  • Afsnit: 92
  • Følgere: 1081
  • Slut
  • FOX
  • Onsdag på 20
  • Reality


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Sæsoner 5
La Galleria 33, Part One
Episode overview
Okt 26, 2012
Chef Ramsay goes to Boston's North End to pay a visit to La Galleria 33, opened in 2006 by sisters Rita and Lisa. The two siblings grew up in the Italian neighborhood and worked at their .. show full overview
La Galleria 33, Part Two
Episode overview
Nov 02, 2012
In the last episode of "Kitchen Nightmares," Chef Ramsay traveled to Boston's North End to visit La Galleria 33, a restaurant run by sisters Rita and Lisa. He quickly discovered the .. show full overview
Mama Maria's
Episode overview
Nov 09, 2012
Chef Ramsay heads to Mama Maria's in Brooklyn. This Italian restaurant and pizzeria was passed down from mother to son more than 25 years ago, but has proven to be more of a burden than .. show full overview
Ms. Jean's Southern Cuisine
Episode overview
Nov 16, 2012
Gordon heads to Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, home to Ms Jean's Southern Cuisine, which was opened 12 years ago by retired special education teacher Ms Jean Gould. Her employees say she's .. show full overview
Barefoot Bob's
Episode overview
Dec 07, 2012
Gordon Ramsay continues his travels across the United States in a bid to save failing restaurants from disaster. This week, Gordon visits beachside restaurant Barefoot Bob's in Hull, .. show full overview
Revisited No. 8
Episode overview
Dec 14, 2012
Gordon Ramsay revisits Café Hon in Hampden, Maryland, Chiarella's in Philadelphia, and Leone's in Montclair, New Jersey, to see whether the restaurant owners have taken his advice on board.
Olde Hitching Post Restaurant & Tavern
Episode overview
Jan 25, 2013
Chef Ramsay confronts the stubborn owner of the Olde Hitching Post in Massachusetts, who refuses to let his daughter and eatery co-owner have any control.
Levanti's Italian Restaurant
Episode overview
Feb 01, 2013
In Beaver, Pennsylvania, where he finds a brother-and-sister team who are unable to work together in a positive manner at an Italian restaurant called Levanti's. Their relationship is so .. show full overview
Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room
Episode overview
Feb 15, 2013
Gordon visits family-owned restaurant Sam's Mediterranean Kabob Room in Monrovia, California. Within minutes of his arrival, Gordon is caught in the crossfire of an argument between .. show full overview
Nino's Italian Restaurant
Episode overview
Feb 22, 2013
Gordon heads to Long Beach, California, to save Nino's, an Italian family restaurant that was opened in 1958 and is now under the misguided leadership of the eldest son, Nino. Younger .. show full overview
Mill Street Bistro (1)
Episode overview
Mar 01, 2013
Gordon heads to Norwalk, Ohio, in America's farming heartland, for the first of two visits to the Mill Street Bistro. There he encounters Joe Nagy, one of the most pretentious restaurant owners he has ever met.
Mill Street Bistro (2)
Episode overview
Mar 08, 2013
In the dramatic conclusion to the Mill Street Bistro saga, Gordon's disagreement with proprietor Joe Nagy erupts into one of his most intense confrontations yet.
Episode overview
Mar 15, 2013
Gordon visits Greek restaurant Yanni's in Seattle, where he clashes with defiant owner Peter, a chef who is so set in his ways that he hasn't allowed any changes to his menu since the .. show full overview
Prohibition Grille
Episode overview
Apr 26, 2013
Chef Ramsay is in for a challenge when he heads to Everett, WA, to visit the Prohibition Grille. Professional belly dancer-turned-restaurant owner Rishi is struggling to keep her .. show full overview
Episode overview
Maj 03, 2013
Chef Ramsay heads to Chappy's, a Cajun-style restaurant in the heart of Nashville where he meets owners John (Chappy) and Starr. The couple's original restaurant in Mississippi was .. show full overview
5x16 Sæsonafslutning
Amy's Baking Company
Episode overview
Maj 10, 2013
Gordon heads to Scottsdale, Arizona, where he visits Amy's Baking Company and meets husband-and-wife bistro owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, who reveal a shocking contempt for customer feedback.

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