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  • Premieret: Jul 2007
  • Episodes: 74
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Season 2 Discuss
Brothers and Sisters
Aug 26, 2008
Season 2 begins with the annual Greek Week competition. Despite their opposing houses, Calvin and Rusty strive to remain friends. Meanwhile, Casey has to decide what to do about .. show full overview
Crush Landing
Sep 02, 2008
Casey and Ashleigh discover that they have the same crush for the ZBZ Crush Party. Meanwhile, Rusty meets his new RA and turns to him for help.
Let's Make a Deal
Sep 09, 2008
Casey and Rusty organize a casino night in order to help a debt-plagued Ashleigh. Elsewhere, Evan struggles with accepting the fine print on his trust fund. Cappie's in need of new car. .. show full overview
Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays
Sep 16, 2008
Rusty is looking into the list of Kappa Tau actives and this makes him very nervous about one member's true identity being uncovered. Also, Casey seems to like Max, Rusty's R.A. And .. show full overview
Pledge Allegiance
Sep 23, 2008
Tired of the poor treatment they've received the pledges at Kappa Tau fight back. Elsewhere, Evan conspires to use Calvin and Michael's relationship to help a brother who's failing.
See You Next Time, Sisters!
Sep 30, 2008
The ZBZ women attend their national sorority convention; a party for the engineering department gets out of control; Evan takes advantage of Frannie's absence.
Formally Yours
Okt 07, 2008
It's the ZBZ Formal and Casey and Max decide to go together. At the event, Ashleigh and Rusty bond. Also, Rebecca decides to skip the event claiming she needs a break from sorority events.
The Popular Vote
Okt 14, 2008
Frannie and Casey sling mud at each other as the sorority presidential election approaches; Calvin faces the consequences after he cheats on Michael.
Three's a Crowd
Okt 21, 2008
Rusty finds out a secret about Dale's high school friend and fellow Purity Pledge member, but is uncertain to tell Dale what he knows. Meanwhile, Ashleigh, as the new ZBZ president, .. show full overview
Hell Week
Okt 28, 2008
Casey faces a hard decision when she learns that Max is planning to go to Cal Tech for grad school and she is offered an internship. She turns to Lauren Conrad (who appears in a dream .. show full overview
Take Me Home, Cyprus Rhodes
Mar 30, 2009
Casey returns with secret plans to move out of the ZBZ house; a new freshman is highly desired as a pledge; Rusty tries to balance studying with life in the Kappa Tau house.
From Rushing with Love
Apr 06, 2009
Now a sophomore, Rusty gets to participate in Rush Week for the first time and he is determined to land Andy as a pledge for Kappa Tau, but Calvin feels the pressure from Evan to get .. show full overview
Engendered Species
Apr 13, 2009
When Casey discovers that Cappie is taking the same women’s studies class taught by Professor Freeman, she knows that it will complicate her relationship with Max. As a result, Casey .. show full overview
Big Littles and Jumbo Shrimp
Apr 20, 2009
Troubled by the recent discovery that Andy hooked up with Jordan, Rusty is hesitant to take Andy on as his little brother. Will Rusty be able to get past the budding relationship to .. show full overview
Evasive Actions
Apr 27, 2009
A dodgeball game ensues after Frannie challenges the sisterhood of the Zeta Beta Zeta girls.
Dearly Beloved
Maj 04, 2009
Casey’s grand-big sister, Kiki , is back at Cyprus-Rhodes University for her wedding and all the ZBZ girls are invited. Amidst all the wedding frenzy, Max decides it’s time to take his .. show full overview
Guilty Treasures
Maj 11, 2009
The KTs race to return a stash of stolen campus goods, hoping not to get caught by security. Elsewhere, Casey sneaks Max into a faculty party so he can meet a visiting professor that .. show full overview
Divine Secrets & the ZBZ Sisterhood
Maj 18, 2009
Rusty attempts to solve a mystery involving a secret service he ran across on campus in hopes of impressing Cappie. Meanwhile, some of Frannie's defectors from ZBZ house have asked to .. show full overview
Social Studies
Maj 25, 2009
Two girls that Cappie is dating at the same time both end up in his study group. Meanwhile, Rusty is having doubts about his relationship with Jordan, and Rebecca solicits help to retrieve her laptop.
Isn't it Bro Mantic
Jun 01, 2009
A lonely Casey meddles in Rusty's new romance with Jordan. Elsewhere, Calvin finally gets a new roommate, and then he discovers that the guy has a surprising secret; and Evan and Cappie reignite their rivalry, this time over a secret-society member.
Tailgate Expectations
Jun 08, 2009
Rusty and Ashleigh try hard to win the float competition, while Casey and Cappie try avoid each other as Homecoming Week heats up. Elsewhere, Evan gets word that he may lose his trust fund, and Ashleigh uncovers one of Fisher's secrets.
2x22 Sæsonafslutning
At World's End
Jun 15, 2009
After she falls into a manhole risking her life, coupled with the Kappa Tau's throwing an "End of the World" party, Casey is sent into an emotional tailspin, questioning her relationship .. show full overview

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